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Sunday, March 27, 2005

Next time, read the sign.

I was sleeping the whole day. I had two test yesterday, Sociology of Education and Principles of ELT, both required a lot of academic reading, which I'm obviously not keen on. Hehe.. That's why I had to stay up the day before the test just to study. (NOTE: Always be prepared to suffer for your mistake.) Slept sometime before 6, woke up at 7.30, took the test at 8.30, study for the 2.45 exam until 2.45. By that time my head was already wenged (NOTE: Weng is when you're not ok). I think I manage to do the test ok, if I don't pass for the paper, I'm gonna start eating the book for my repeat.

Later that day, had a class with the kids at ILHAM. So great to see them again. Had a lot of fun helping them out with a test, which isn't a test afterall since we were practically giving them answers. I wish I could join them for the movie tomorrow, but I already planned to join the ROTTW convention with my sister. (NOTE: Support your local music scene!) Ha... Too bad. I love kids, they are so refreshing. Makes you realize how far you've gone away from simplicity and how older you're getting.

This reminds me of the incident I had earlier that day in the komuter. I was supposed to meet my cousin in the Subang komuter. I boarded the train in Shah Alam and sat down quietly while listening to Smashing Pumpkins greatest hits. (NOTE: I adore AVA ADORE, beautiful.) And suddenly, there was this little girl, shouting "SUBANG JAYA!! SUBANG JAYA!! SUBANG JAYA!!" over and over again, excitedly. Obviously, I was not the only one heading there. It was amusing to see her so excited. My thoughts were floating. The train stops, I went out briskly very much surprise to see that the little girl wasn't getting off. And then I saw the big sign, BATU TIGA, and there goes the train. WHAT!! It's funny how you manage to fool yourself so easily. I heard someone announcing that the train to PELABUHAN KLANG would be delayed, the next train is due 8.10. Shoot!! I'm suppose to meet my cousin at 8.00. Why do things like this always happen to me? Panicking, I called Kak Jaja, and explained everything in 10 seconds. "Ana, first of all, you're not even heading to Klang." Oh, yeah.. I can be really absent-minded sometimes. Just cannot help it I guess. When you think you know something, doesn't really mean you're right. It's good to be sure. It's just BATU TIGA, I don't want to end up in SEREMBAN next time.