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Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Hurry, hurry..

Yes, I have fulfilled one of the most important requirements of living in Japan, riding the Shinkansen (bullet train). True to their boast, it is incredibly fast.

Did you pay attention to the conversation in the video?

I am the victim of modernization. I cannot live without the convenience of having less time spent on doing things. Like washing my clothes, or doing my assignments, cooking even.. My friends told me that I walk too fast. I told them it's coz I always have somewhere to go and things to do. I just don't hang that much.

Coming here and seeing everybody rushing all the time to get somewhere made me stop and think, are they happy to be going where they're heading? Or do they feel that it's just a personal obligation spun from having to do more things, now that they have more time from the convenience of technology.

Saturday, December 16, 2006

Take me home, concrete roads

5 more days until I am back to where I came from. A little sad and a little glad. But, I rather not blog about "my most memorable experience in Japan" because there are too many and are already overused in conversations. I have something better to talk about.

I had my hair cut. (But why?) I dislike my long and unruly hair. (Why had it cut in Japan?) I don't wanna look like Tom Hanks in Castaway when I meet my family and friends back home. (Oh, come on!) Don't come on me! (But, you look nicer with long hair.) That's what they all say, honey. (So, how does it look?) Pretty cool, if you ask me.

Here's a picture.

Until next time, stay safe!

Disclaimer: I heard that line(title) in one of Miyazaki's anime.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

A walk in the park

Despite the number of things that had happened, I was distracted from blogging. Johney made sure that I gave him enough attention and on top of that, I have been spending a lot of time making music with Jeff and post it on youtube. Well, the blogging culture did not escape me; it was only a matter of time until posting videos instead of blogs became the in thing.

So, I've been digging into my big pile of unused but rather amusing photos of my outings. This small comeback will be my attempt to describe some of the things I have done with pictures. This particular stock is when we had a field trip to Hino Gakuen, in Shinagawa. It's an elementary school pioneering in combining elementary and junior high in Japan.

What seem so surprising to me is that the kids were well behaved, (at least the particular class I was observing.) Every time they wanted to answer a question, they will raise their hands straight. And if they were chosen to answer, they'll get up, stand behind the chair, push it towards the desk and speak. Although this practice when done by all the students takes up a lot of lesson time, it all seemed so proper, polite and nice. And the kids were so adorable.

Bakh, Vanya, Jenna and I decided to have a walk around town after we were dismissed by our sensei. It seemed like we were walking forever, taking lots of pictures with almost everything that we saw. And then we came to a park in the middle of concrete. Tokyo has a lot of parks with teasing greens.

I was lying on the grass and looking up at the sky. The weather was a bit dreary, so my thoughts would run along that line. This city is so big, the world is huge. And little Ms. Ana is still small and nothing. I need therapy or a guy or both.

I will now run out of the topic and tell you how this reminds me of my affinity towards sad songs and bittersweet lyrics. But mind you, I'd like to think that I'm tasteful in my choice of depressing songs. I guess it's the easiest to relate to. All of us have been broken at one time or another, (possibly two or three) and to be reminded that it's not just us that are going through it is not at all bad. Then again, to be reminded of one's pain may not be entirely good. But, then who cares when the music lulls you away and makes you feel more human.

What are your top three favorite sad songs at the moment?
My list would look like this;
1) Lover, you should've come over by Jeff Buckley (R.I.P)
- The only good thing my last ex left me with; this love for one of the greatest musician to have graced this earth. And yes, lover, wherever you are and whoever you might be, "you should have come over because it's not too late."
2) Give by Dishwalla
- No list would ever be complete without a song by Dishwalla (my favorite band of all time). What makes this song so beautiful is; that long standing question of "what would you give?" to the person that you love but who can never really love or give you as much.
3) Rapid Hope Loss by Dashboard Confessional
- This song is pretty straightforward. Find out the lyrics and you'll unlock things that I'm too lazy to write on. ;p
so let me know what your top three sad songs are and we'll discuss them.

Anyway, let’s get back to the rail road and continue with the walk. We goofballs love taking pictures of odd places and things. I shall end this blog with graphics.

Totem pole


Vanya, 私, Bakh and Jenna