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Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Hurry, hurry..

Yes, I have fulfilled one of the most important requirements of living in Japan, riding the Shinkansen (bullet train). True to their boast, it is incredibly fast.

Did you pay attention to the conversation in the video?

I am the victim of modernization. I cannot live without the convenience of having less time spent on doing things. Like washing my clothes, or doing my assignments, cooking even.. My friends told me that I walk too fast. I told them it's coz I always have somewhere to go and things to do. I just don't hang that much.

Coming here and seeing everybody rushing all the time to get somewhere made me stop and think, are they happy to be going where they're heading? Or do they feel that it's just a personal obligation spun from having to do more things, now that they have more time from the convenience of technology.