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Saturday, February 23, 2008

s for sushi

I cannot resist the call of sushi. Even though I'm full from lunching with a full plate of rice and the usual favorites (ikan keli goreng garing and gulai masak lemak cili padi), given the opportunity to eat sushi, I'd grab at it with an open mouth.

I love sushi-eing with my pals. I just love the lightness and casual approach of consuming sushi. I can be a real p*g sometimes when it comes to food. Well, I love to eat, what else is there to say?

Eating heavy food like a piece of steak would require deft skills and patience with the cutlery. The chiming sounds I make occasionally while devouring the meat is horribly annoying. On the other hand, I find eating rice with dishes using fork and spoon diminishes its homely appeal. I always prefer eating food with my (constantly clean in an almost OCD style) hand as it provides a more fulfilling multi-sensory experience, as well as the chance of being romanticized as unsophisticated and barbaric by my western friends.

But there is no conflict when it comes to sushi. I'm most comfortable with it. I could never resist the delightfully simple and unpretentious taste of the kanikama maki (crabstick). And I can pick up a big piece of tuna-mayo (another favorite although I had never seen or eaten one while I was in Tokyo) and it'll disappear into my mouth in one go. I probably would scare off guys with my whole-some approach to food, but who needs 'em anyway when you have the good stuff.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

v for valentino

I love Valentino Rossi. He's the most awesome motorcycle racer in the world as well as my obsession at one point of time in my life. I adored him so much that I made my relationship with a particular guy difficult just because I placed Valentino on the top of my list instead of him. Hahaha.. [insert appropriate adjective here] old times.

(But you have nothing to worry about, because you are definitely on my list.)

Since we're in the letter, lets talk about v for valentine. Post-valentine's day saw me at Fiescanto Cafe, singing my heart out with my Johney accompanied by my awesome guitarist friend, Aidit.

I sang about 9 songs, pretty crazy if you ask me. Good thing my songs are devoid of any guitar solos and long riffs. Well, we were given 45 minutes to take over the stage. And 45 minutes is a long time.

I was extremely nervous prior to the performance. I have no idea why. It's not like I've never performed my songs in public before. I guess it's part of what to be expected before shows, the excitement. But once I got up there and sing, I just start settling down and relax.

(Abg) Ahmad, my friend who's practically part of my family, was the first one to perform. He covered a number of well-loved songs with his sister, Naya--on the mic, as well as some of Naya's originals. This guy is awesome, one of the guys in my list of people with fingers I would like to break.

Before ending his set, he invited me to sing an old song of mine that kinda started to convince me that I could actually write songs, even if I don't know the rules. He played it so wonderfully with a bit of his own twist to make it sound more complete. I think it was around this time that I stopped having cockroaches in my tummy (cuz it's hard to imagine butterflies being nasty).

And then it was my turn to pick up Johney. I had a little chat with the crowd and introduced the first song, Lovely Lovely Scene. Now, I had a good vibe with this song, because my friend is an awesome guitarist and so I only had to play during the chorus. But when it was 'the' chorus, I realized that (and trying hard not to panic) that my Johney wasn't plug in! What a way to start..

Here's a recording of the show taken by one of my best buddies, Amir.

Yup, it was pretty embarrassing. But I'd like to think that I redeem myself with the next song.

I would have shared with you the entire set, if my camera didn't run out of battery. Yup, silly me forgot to charge the camera before the show. Well, what do you expect? There would be no point in recording it in the first place if I didn't make sure that we sounded decent enough.

But what I can say is, it was a blast. Thank you to Bok and Fiescanto Cafe for the delicious food and opportunity to express my thoughts in sounds to all of you, my friends who were curious enough to make sure that I could actually sing and the rest who makes sure that I would never stop. It was indeed something to remember.

Thank you still, to all of those who would have been there if they could. I'm gonna make sure that we recreate the moment and have it recorded just for you.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

f for food

Acoustic Night
Fiescanto Café
Time and Place
Start Time:
Friday, February 15, 2008 at 8:00pm
End Time:
Saturday, February 16, 2008 at 12:00am
Fiescanto Cafe
20 Jln Badminton 13/29 Seksyen 13
Shah Alam, Malaysia
Contact Info

Fiescanto Cafe presents "FIRST NIGHT OUTSIDE" The place to be for a new lifestyle. Fiescanto Cafe will be organizing an acoustic night show featuring Ana Raffali, Fikri Fadzil, Bok Mounard & Ahmad Zafrullah. Enjoy the live acoustic tunes while having BBQ at RM 25 per pax at Fiescanto Cafe. Lucky draws and games will be held during the show. Hope to see you there.

Acoustic Night “First Night Outside” is a project organized by Fiescanto Café in order to catch the eye of onlookers to promote the café to be recognizable in the eye of the public. The event purpose is to gather youngsters and teenagers and as well as music lovers to gather and enjoy the sounds of acoustic while dining at the café.

The event will be highlighted by performances from Fikri Fadzil known from the band (Blister) and also from the Malaysian hit series (KAMI), he is also famously known for his hit entitled “UNKNOWN”. Ana Raffali a new star to the music scene over 100,000 hits over for her own arranged and composed songs. She is internationally known throughout, a new star to rise for sure. Ahmad Zafrullah an engineer by profession a musician for life. Enough said. Mohamed Bukhari Murad (Bok Mounard) a performance by the owner of the café just to earn a bit of recognition.

The event also will provide BBQ during the night at RM 25.00 per person ranging from variety of food. Games and lucky draws will be held during the night for patrons to mingle with each other. See you there.
Taken from this.

Well, here it is. My first singing performance with my name featured on the poster. I'm so excited and frankly speaking, as nervous as ever. ;p I will be singing my own songs so I'm not that worried about butchering it in the best way.

So far, the setlist is

Lovely lovely scene
Hujan Bunga di KL
Small Heart

and two new songs;

Sepasang Sudu
Gelas Kaca

So, do come and be a part of this. We'll make it special!!!

p/s: And the food in the cafe is damm delicious too...

h for honesty

Thanks, h for Husni for suggesting the letter.

hon·es·ty [ónnəstee]
(plural hon·es·ties)
1. moral uprightness: the quality, condition, or characteristic of being fair, truthful, and morally upright
2. truthfulness: truthfulness, candor, or sincerity
  • In all honesty, I really didn't know.
  • 3. plant: a hardy plant with flat silvery seed pods that are often used for indoor decoration. Flowers: purplish or white. Native to: Europe.
    Latin name: Lunaria annua

    Microsoft® Encarta® 2006. © 1993-2005 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.

    It's rare these days to find people who are able to exercise honesty to its fullest. Even the simplest act of being honest with oneself is a rarity to some people. As for me, I've always tried to be truthful, at the very least in regards to what matters and what would matter to me and to the people that I care about.

    This blog here is an example of such effort to stay in touch with this principle. I know for a fact that not only does this blog is being read by my beloved siblings and dearest friends, occasional and random strangers are open to view, read and hopefully understand my thoughts and biased opinions on things. It's something that I hope I would be able to keep up for it's true that this is a therapeutic process.

    Supposedly, being honest should be the easiest thing to do. Just don't lie or pretend. But, I believe it's rather more complicated than that. One can not lie and still be dishonest. The mere act of withholding information or simply not telling could be considered a sneaky way of not being sincere or open.

    But what happens if some people that one associates with could not handle the truth? Should one continue with not revealing such truth that would hurt them? What about the mere understanding of truth between two people without having to speak it out or put a voice to it? Should one speak up assuming that it's the right thing to do and risking the kind of comfortable silence they have acquired? And what if there's nothing to talk about or no truth worth sharing? Should one force it anyway?

    And this is me being honest.

    There's only one person on this entire universe that I am able to be as brutally honest as I am. And that person knows it too. With him, I am the clearest and bluest sky with no room for dark clouds. He's my moon, my drug, wearing a piece of my soul.

    But to the rest; I'm afraid I cannot offer any apologies since I'm unable to feel sorry for the inability to share it all, to include you in everything. Suppose it's my character flaw. The only thing I can guarantee you is the honesty in this blog and the honesty in my songs. I suppose that's partly the reason why I am shy about my music, for all of them are written from my personal experience with a special story or intention tied to them.

    Please don't get me wrong, it's not that I am unable to be honest as a whole in person. I am being honest with myself in the fact that this is what I want. I prefer to choose the kind of honesty, or in other words, the parts of me that is worth sharing, and push aside the unnecessary. And I've always appreciate such and the understanding from those around me.

    Come to think of it, I guess I'm partly responsible for making honesty a little complicated. But, I suppose that's just me. ;p

    Thursday, February 07, 2008

    which letter?

    Give me a letter to blog about, please. I'm stumped and lazy.


    ms. ana