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Sunday, February 17, 2008

v for valentino

I love Valentino Rossi. He's the most awesome motorcycle racer in the world as well as my obsession at one point of time in my life. I adored him so much that I made my relationship with a particular guy difficult just because I placed Valentino on the top of my list instead of him. Hahaha.. [insert appropriate adjective here] old times.

(But you have nothing to worry about, because you are definitely on my list.)

Since we're in the letter, lets talk about v for valentine. Post-valentine's day saw me at Fiescanto Cafe, singing my heart out with my Johney accompanied by my awesome guitarist friend, Aidit.

I sang about 9 songs, pretty crazy if you ask me. Good thing my songs are devoid of any guitar solos and long riffs. Well, we were given 45 minutes to take over the stage. And 45 minutes is a long time.

I was extremely nervous prior to the performance. I have no idea why. It's not like I've never performed my songs in public before. I guess it's part of what to be expected before shows, the excitement. But once I got up there and sing, I just start settling down and relax.

(Abg) Ahmad, my friend who's practically part of my family, was the first one to perform. He covered a number of well-loved songs with his sister, Naya--on the mic, as well as some of Naya's originals. This guy is awesome, one of the guys in my list of people with fingers I would like to break.

Before ending his set, he invited me to sing an old song of mine that kinda started to convince me that I could actually write songs, even if I don't know the rules. He played it so wonderfully with a bit of his own twist to make it sound more complete. I think it was around this time that I stopped having cockroaches in my tummy (cuz it's hard to imagine butterflies being nasty).

And then it was my turn to pick up Johney. I had a little chat with the crowd and introduced the first song, Lovely Lovely Scene. Now, I had a good vibe with this song, because my friend is an awesome guitarist and so I only had to play during the chorus. But when it was 'the' chorus, I realized that (and trying hard not to panic) that my Johney wasn't plug in! What a way to start..

Here's a recording of the show taken by one of my best buddies, Amir.

Yup, it was pretty embarrassing. But I'd like to think that I redeem myself with the next song.

I would have shared with you the entire set, if my camera didn't run out of battery. Yup, silly me forgot to charge the camera before the show. Well, what do you expect? There would be no point in recording it in the first place if I didn't make sure that we sounded decent enough.

But what I can say is, it was a blast. Thank you to Bok and Fiescanto Cafe for the delicious food and opportunity to express my thoughts in sounds to all of you, my friends who were curious enough to make sure that I could actually sing and the rest who makes sure that I would never stop. It was indeed something to remember.

Thank you still, to all of those who would have been there if they could. I'm gonna make sure that we recreate the moment and have it recorded just for you.