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Saturday, February 23, 2008

s for sushi

I cannot resist the call of sushi. Even though I'm full from lunching with a full plate of rice and the usual favorites (ikan keli goreng garing and gulai masak lemak cili padi), given the opportunity to eat sushi, I'd grab at it with an open mouth.

I love sushi-eing with my pals. I just love the lightness and casual approach of consuming sushi. I can be a real p*g sometimes when it comes to food. Well, I love to eat, what else is there to say?

Eating heavy food like a piece of steak would require deft skills and patience with the cutlery. The chiming sounds I make occasionally while devouring the meat is horribly annoying. On the other hand, I find eating rice with dishes using fork and spoon diminishes its homely appeal. I always prefer eating food with my (constantly clean in an almost OCD style) hand as it provides a more fulfilling multi-sensory experience, as well as the chance of being romanticized as unsophisticated and barbaric by my western friends.

But there is no conflict when it comes to sushi. I'm most comfortable with it. I could never resist the delightfully simple and unpretentious taste of the kanikama maki (crabstick). And I can pick up a big piece of tuna-mayo (another favorite although I had never seen or eaten one while I was in Tokyo) and it'll disappear into my mouth in one go. I probably would scare off guys with my whole-some approach to food, but who needs 'em anyway when you have the good stuff.