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Wednesday, September 24, 2008


I'm too lazy to write what 90:10 stands for but, if you could make a quick visit to read what a rather interesting and active blogger I met have written about it, you might be able to get the back story. (NOTE: Thanks for the support, Mr. Manager!)


Thank you for taking the time to read up on the issue.

As Mr. Manager have kindly mentioned that I "fearlessly spoke at the forum", let me share with you my opinion on the matter.

So we have this problem that foreign songs have been dominating the public airwaves. By dominating I mean, constantly being played by radio stations, sometimes even back to back. This is proven as potentially dangerous for our local music industry to be sustainably profitable since the promotion of new artists and new albums and songs is depended upon these radio stations.

It seems to me that a lot of people have been hankering on the point that there should not be any prejudice towards music. I agree. But the reality is that it happens.

My brother, Asyiq was driving me to practice one day. We were listening to a local pop radio station.

"Kenapa sekarang banyak betul lagu-lagu dari Indonesia?"

My brother has been away in Moscow for his studies.


I guess people haven't been really noticing what they are being fed nowadays. The thing is, since we are being fed with it on a daily basis, the phenomena just crept up on us without us really realizing it.

Don't get me wrong, I'm all about good music speaking for themselves. But you have to give enough opportunities for good music to be heard. Instead of asking the question why 90:10, ask yourself, why not 90:10? We have to start caring about our music and how it affects our daily lives.

I'm rooting for the 90:10, not because my life is affected by it, it's because we are all in this together. Stop saying that our music industry is dead or we don't have many or enough good songwriters. We do have a lot and we have to start believing that they are enough to sustain our musical needs.

I think it's rather funny that the other party have been saying that it's unfair for us to put such demand, have you ever asked yourself why our musicians don't really get as much support from their side, though music as they say is universal?