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Thursday, April 09, 2009


WARNING: contains mature/violent content that may be offensive to some

it's like out of the blue
somebody knocks you down
and you tumble headfirst onto the ground.
you grovel on the gravel,
searching for the card
that says get out of jail free
but it's gone

and blood drips from the crowning wound,
covers your eyes,
you cry to wash it away,
the bloody tears would not stop.

then he rips your chest open,
with one swift sharp motion,
claws your heart out,
tears it to small unrecognizable shreds
and throws it behind and above his head
like a confetti
welcomes the dead

he leaves you to die in the cold.
your blood making a shallow pool
for a watery grave
here lies a fool
for love lost its cool
and no one was saved

by Ana Raffali