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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Item no 2

Too bad, I don't have a camera to capture all the hot models working in my booth. It would probably increase the number of male visitors to my blog. So this is the only one I could salvage that has the environment I was working in.

So what did I actually do? I was working with a rims manufacturing company from Malaysia. Quite a young company but so far we've been selling..bla bla bla. (You could have been there if you were really interested on rims so no point in me telling a concrete wall about wood veneer). Without saying much about the company, lets just take a look at the reaction I got from the people.

First of all, the majority of visitors who came to our booth are men. Not so much interested on the rims, more attracted to the scenic view around them. Yes, I'm talking about the bad-*ss Evo VII and the super cool Proton Arena that stopped looking like a Malaysian when they upgraded almost everything.

Oh, did I forget to mention the hot models? Yes, all four of them were wearing flaming red ultrashort skirts and big black boots to kill. Standing next to them made me feel like a hobbit. Bunch of pretty professionals though, oh yes.

Secondly, it seems that most men tend to underestimate a girl who seems to know a lot about cars. They get really territorial and start asking technical questions. Now I can easily deal with a comparative analysis between "my" rims and the next, but when you start talking about something very specific such as the composition of the alloy used in the making of the rims, serves you right when I do explain in detail about it. Gets to 'em everytime.

You see, I don't know much about cars, but I seem to know how to sound like I do. My suspicion is that it comes with speech practices in debate. The little that I know, I'll water till they grow (yeah, cheesy attempt to rhyme). Anyway, I received a lot of help from abg Ahmad and those who hired me, of course. Listening them going on and on about the things they love had been a very educational experience. I do so love talking to engineers, they are very knowledgable and informative, you feel at least 0.243 times smarter afterwards.

Working in KLIMS has certainly helped me (sort of) to overcome my fear of reaching out to the public. I may not seem like it, but honestly, I'm inherently shy. That should explain why you'd only see me talking to the people that I know most of the time, because it takes a lot for me to muster every ounce of confidence I have to make even small talk with strangers. Hope that wouldn't be a problem in the future though.

So far, by working there I've received a number of job offers. Coming from a bank, a modelling agency, a car magazine, an events recruiting agency, oh and a permanent position in the promo dept for the company I was working with. Great, nowhere close to the education degree I'm taking. Wait a minute, there was actually an offer to teach English.. I guess it's true that life is filled with infinite possibilities.