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Tuesday, July 04, 2006

A walk..

I love walking. I enjoy long walks and beautiful sceneries. We went up the cabel car to Wellington's very own botanical garden and the view was simply magnificent. Normally when I see the sea it always seems to be limitless. However this time around, mountains barricade the horizon and it was not an unpleasant change.

The breeze was refreshing, with my cheeks turning colder by the minute and my hands buried deep within my pockets, I walked alongside Adiba, Shida and Pn. Hajah Nor. There were moments when I felt like I was in a land far far away. Looking at the tall trees with branches reaching out to the sky, no wonder they chose to shoot LOTR in this lovely little country. I could almost feel its mystical powers over me. I wonder if I can write stories with its magic, a fairy tale perhaps.

When we got to Lady Norwood's Rose Garden and entered the greenhouse, it was warmer and the sight that greeted us was even better. I've never seen such flowers before in any books or movies. It's unbelievable.

When we were walking, I asked Adiba, "Do you think tourists who came to Malaysia found it to be as amazing as what we have and are feeling now?"
"You'd be surprise how beautiful people find our country to be." I guess..

Maybe if I see my country with pretend-foreign eyes, it would be as magical and breathtaking, especially with good company.