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Tuesday, February 13, 2007

tout d footie

Last Sunday saw me cheering for my friends in the game of futsal (indoor version of football). I guess I didn't do much except for stretching my vocal cords shouting like mad. I put my sharpie on paper and somehow I was/am their manager. Oh, I just love the attention. The sore throat was temporary(nothing that plenty of water and some mint candy can't soothe) but the excitement is everlasting. Once again, I am a fan.

I must say, my team have improved tremendously from the last time I saw them play. (Refer to the scores for team A5) Great footwork, remarkable stamina and star player attitude. Made me proud. I'm thinking of joining them on one of their sessions, I've been meaning to join them since forever but I never had the time or the extra motivation to do so. But now, I believe a bit of running around chasing a ball and some kicking would definitely help me in settling some issues.

A little bit of confession, I enjoy sports a lot, through watching them and being at a safe distance from flying and/or big burly speeding objects. Ever since primary school, I managed to exclude myself from participating in many athletic activities. Mainly due to my asthma, and another because I was such a lazy bum. My idea of improving my hand-eye coordination and burning calories is through playing the PC/PS and the occasional trips to the loo, kitchen and any other side quest. What a geek..

It's worth mentioning, that during the semi, the team were playing against Senorita(a team consisting of our sporty lecturers). According to them, it was the best game they had for the day. It was almost hilarious, seeing them struggling with the opponents like never before. It was the time to prove to everyone more than ever, that they are playing like professionals and a game is still a game.The lecturers had some good moves too, man.. I was really impressed. There were moments when I thought.. Hey, I don't think that was humanly possible, at least to me. Kudos to our educators for educating us still.

Anyway, it was indeed a tough fight in the finals. My team, "Sepatu Ungu" (Purple Slippers/Shoes), went up against their arch rival the Bunga Tahi Ayam (Chicken's Droppings, the flower-literally or Lantana Camara as known by scholars and botanist). My gal pal, Faizah told me how she dislike the team just because they played rough minus impressive skills. She recalled how she suffered more bruises in 5 minutes playing against them than she could accumulate playing against ten other teams. I could sense the anger still.

It was decided, the final score was 1-0. There were plenty of times when we could have sink in a goal but it just wasn't happening. Once again, they played their hardest. Even though Sepatu lost, it shows how they had given the Tahi Ayam a run for their money.

Well, it was very rewarding to be able to spend time with my friends. I am glad that they had that pen and paper for me to sign. We'll see whether I'll take up a new hobby in the weeks to come.