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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

My to do list

Too lazy to write these days, but will make an effort to write one blog a day based on the this list.
In no order of urgency or importance;
  1. Muse concert (how I got Dom's setlist)

  2. sevencollart-shirt acoustic gig (doing the backup vocals)

  3. the President of Ethos

  4. National Choir

  5. Japan; opening files and folders

  6. My very own muse

  7. Photography

  8. revisited

  9. Bukit Sekilau and TC (fun day at the beach)

  10. Small Heart(s) live performance

  11. Dishwalla; the greatest band in my life

  12. Nabil & Aidil singing career

  13. Acoustic Jamming @17

  14. How come I don't read books anymore

  15. Friendship; what happens when it sinks.

Hope that'll work. Now here's today's blog entry.

Picture by Camille,
[My thanks; this is almost as wonderful as the real person]

everyone has their own light of happiness in their own two hands. why give it away? why put that light into the hands of another and expect him or her to take good care of it? when you and I both know that it's not easy taking care of something you can never be entirely sure of, just because it's not yours and you don't know what it really needs.

so what do we do. keep that light shining in our hands for others to see. when they see how bright the light just as it is, maybe they will learn to love us without having to take that glow away.