Philosophical cow dung on the life of little Ms. Imperfectly Fine.

Sunday, March 09, 2008

q for questions

My dearest, are you there?

Did I ever thank you properly?
You're asking me what for?
Are you telling me you don't know?
So what was all this while for?

Are explanations ever really necessary?
You are taking pleasure in this, aren't you?
Does being less honest and see-through work?
Would it make any difference to either me or you?

Why do you think it's best not to think too much?
What else is there to do besides finding out answers?
Do you think I will run out of questions?
Are you tired of giving me your answers?

How long will these questions last?
Does forever really exist as they often say?
Or must we unlearn how to tell the time?
Will you tell me how, what do you say?