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Saturday, November 29, 2008

Hujan Bunga di Bandar Kuching

Right after my french exam, I took a plane to Kuching for my first ever visit to Borneo. I was invited to perform for a kindergarten graduation ceremony as well as emceeing the event. In case you haven't figured out, I adore kids. They are such a joy to be with and having them singing "kalau rasa gembira" (if you're happy and you know it) complete with all the motions was simply amazing.

Of course it was absolutely spontaneous. The gleam in their eyes when I took Woodie out was unforgettable. They were crowding around me as if I was holding a golden monkey or something extraordinarily wonderful. And when they recognize the tune I was playing of course they just had to dance and sing along. It was magical. We repeated our act onstage afterwards and it was equally as memorable.

I sang HBKL(Kuching version) and Sepasang Sudu, a song that I only played once in a gig. Woodie did not disappoint. Although I forgot to change the strings and it was buzzing a little, the music was sweet enough to carry my voice, which happened to be recovering from a bad cold.

I don't really know what's wrong, but I seem to be prone to catching colds. Well.. maybe I do have a tiny suspicion of what might be causing the frequent sniffles, but it's not like I can change my bad habits as easily as saying "I will change my bad habits".

I am having a bad cold right now, bad as in the asthmatic kind. Kak Zaza had to give me a jab a little north from my seat of wisdom. They say that it hurts more if you're really sick and lemme tell you, I am probably sick as heck cause it felt as painful as heck. The temptation to cancel my appearance in ARTrage could not equal to this one single thought: the show better be worth the pain in the ^$$.

Well, considering the fact that I'll be playing with Iqbal (si pemain cello), and him alone, it should be mighty interesting and gutwrenching. I suppose the worst thing that could happen was if I were to forget the lyrics to my own song. Not that I have so many songs that would render me incapable of recalling them under gutwrenching circumstances anyway. At least not yet. ;)