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Sunday, December 14, 2008

alter ego and RANtAi

I'm starting a side-blog in malay. Just another way of expressing myself. I think it's not fair to write songs in malay and english but not a blog in malay and english. I know I'd save more time by being bilingual in here but, I don't wanna mix things up.

I'll try to divide equal attention and love between my bloglings. ;p


Dark clouds were hovering before we, (Ana Raffali and the Marhaens) walked out of our HQ for a short drive to the Red Bungalow. It rained like a showerhead, opened and stucked in full-blast. One can only be grateful that one is not atop tall buildings handling electrical appliances while lightning was celebrating its existence.

The public's reception of us was pretty sweet. It felt so good to be able to play alongside the Marhaens again, although the line-up this time was different with the addition of Abg Mie (Flop Poppy's drummer) and Abg GG (guitarist and guitar luthier), to the original cast and crew Abg Aidit, Abg Andy FP and Adik Iqbal. ;p

It was the first time we played My Darling to its fullest rock potential. Ahh.. I so wanna play it again and again.