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Wednesday, December 03, 2008

A little confusion

Here's something to ponder.

I received a call from the bearer-of-good-news-thus-far with a bad news saying that the organizer decided not to pick us (Ana Raffali and the Marhaens) for the upcoming celcom UOX gig.

Not a big deal, really. (I've secured another special gig on the very same day.)

However, imagine my surprise when I visited this page to find that the voting is still going on. Now, if one has decided not to feature someone then it would only be right and civil to be more transparent about it. I. e. there shouldn't be any voting since the acts have been decided earlier on (reportedly). My sincerest apologies go to all of those who have voted before and recently. I appreciate your time, effort and phone credits.

In short, Ana Raffali and the Marhaens are not going to play for the UOX thingy.