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Thursday, September 29, 2005

Lovesick ramblings

Lirik Lagu Dewa
Judul : Kasidah Cinta
Album : Cintailah Cinta
Ciptaan : Ahmad Dhani
Dm6 A9/C#

Ku jatuh cinta kepadamu

Dm6 A9/C#

Saat pertama bertemu

C5 C Am Em Fdim

Salahkah … aku terlalu mencintai…

Em Cm

Dirimu … yang tak mungkin

G9 Fdim

Mencintai aku …

Em G D

Oh… Tuhan tolong …

G Bsus-B

Reff : Aku langsung jatuh cinta

E D-5

Kepadamu …

G Bsus-B

Cinta pada pandangan pertama …

A C Fdim B

Cinta yang bisa merubah jalan

Em Em/D C#m7-5 Bsus

Hidupku jadi lebih … berarti

C-5 C Am G9 Edim

Oh … mungkin, hanya … keajaiban Tuhan

Am Cm G9 Edim

Yang bisa… jadikan…Hambanya yang cantik

Am D

Menjadi… milikku …

Dm7 A9/C#

Aku bukanlah … laki-laki …

Dm7 A9/C#

Yang mudah jatuh hatinya

I fell in love with you the second we met. I know it sounds like it has been repeated countless of times. But it just happened without my knowledge, beyond my control. I realize it when I could not stop thinking about how your face lit up when you smile. The way you carelessly laid your back to the chair and looked at me and listened like it mattered so much, like I mattered a lot. And even if I could have stopped it, I won't change anything. I won't change how these little things made me feel.

Is it wrong to feel this way when you may never feel the same for me? Is it wrong to long for something beautiful and hope that it is mine to keep? It doesn't matter, I would do it anyway. But, I wish there is a way to quick answers. Perhaps, if I stand up from this chair and make my move, something is bound to happen. But, why is it so hard to get up and go? Why is it so hard to admit defeat and get over it? Why can't I just sit here and expect nothing, wanting nothing? What is it that I want actually? Love or indifference? Dear God, please help me.

I’m not that proud to say that I instantly fell for you, it shows how easily I fell. Somehow, I don’t care what others might think. Love at first sight happens because it's real. I know that what I feel would change everything that I've always thought love to be. Is it supposed to hurt this much as it’s supposed to heal what heartache is left? Regardless, it's working. I don't think about the past so much as I think about the future, especially if you're in it. Life is meaningful because I put meaning to love. And love means you. Loving you makes my life meaningfully crazy and I cannot think of any other way to have it.

I love you in strange yet wonderful ways. I love you in silence. I love you in a distance. I love you in my heart. I love you in the hopes that someday, you are going to read this and know how much this love mattered to me. How much you matter. And even if by then it’s too late to change, I will continue to love you in death.

I'm not a girl who would instantly put aside her dreams. For you, I don't mind waking up.