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Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Start Falling!

Which one is easier, to fall in love with someone or to fall in love with the idea of that someone?

Is there any difference?

I want Ali. I know its bordering desperation by a hair, I might look like a stupid fool from a distance but I'm not. I may be foolish at times but I certainly am not stupid. I know that there might be a possiblity that I'm totally wrong about him, that whatever I like about him are just me doing my best assuming. In truth he might be the wrong person for me, but I can't help liking him for the things combined I thought was not possible to exist in just one person. He's perfect beacause of his imperfections and little details I can resist. I'm falling in love with him, and falling fast. It's typical! I'm becoming the lovesick schoolgirl I never was before. Call that reverse development. It's sad, it's traumatizing but at the same time it's exhilarating. The excitement I have over the smallest things about him, drives me to take on the world.

Thank you, Ali. I have a goal. I'm going to do whatever there is within my powers to change the situation. I want you, that's the short and the long version of it. You're the one I don't mind staying home for. I'm going to make you fall desperately in love with me and there's nothing you can do about it. All the best and be prepared.

I'm documenting this so that in the future, I know exactly how it happens and I may get a chance not to be foolish twice. By the way, Ali is not his real name.