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Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Balancing substance

Great weekend. Had a blast of a time with the guys and of course with my gal pal Justynn.

If I stop talking about Ali* and don't be so obsessive over him, I might be able to put some substance in this blog. Contrary to many beliefs, I'm not some love-sick kitty looking for catnip. All is well, I'm coping with the idea that all my crushes would inevitably end up as my friends. Nothing wrong with that. Ali* in particular is a good friend.

By the way, there is a possibility that he's reading this. The idea of using some other name is so that he doesn't know about it, but that seems dumb now that it's close to being public knowledge. I don't bottle up my feelings, I can be secretive but why should I? Hey, you know who you are. With all this knowledge, you should do something about it right? A girl can't do everything on her own, even a hardcore feminist needs a guy to do her bidding (hehe... somehow that doesn't fit into the picture).

My point is, you know how I feel, shame you for not helping me, by bursting my bubbles and let me fall graciously down to Earth, OR by flying me to the moon, wherever you'd like it to be, honey. Either way, I'll be here.

Yeah, I turned twenty a few days ago. It was no grand event but meaningful nonetheless because it coincided with Raya and the whole family was there. Anyway, one of the things that I got (or purchased) for my birthday is a book on zodiac. I guess I'm a sucker for horoscopes but to me I think people have this misconception that it's all about predicting the future and things that would befall a person etc. But I like the idea that it's about anticipating a person's behavior when confronted with certain events that might trigger a particular reaction. You're not being told what would happen to you, but what you should react if something happens.

We had a few laughs reading the characteristics of our friends. I am deemed as the forgiving lover of sex and one with the penetrating intellect that loves to dominate and debate.

That pretty much sums it all up. Someday I'll reveal who Ali* is, hopefully soon, to bring balance back to the force.