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Wednesday, November 02, 2005


Something interesting happened, I got a kad raya from a friend(I think) named AliRossi(I doubt that's his real name) and if you're reading this, thank you so much for it. I'm so sorry I can't recall who you are. It would have been very helpful if you had given your contact details so that I could reply the wishes at least. With that aside, please ignore the fact that I'll be writing some stuff regarding your mail. The reason why I think it would be interesting to write about is because it’s just it.

Okay, so I got a mail from this AliRossi guy who knows my home address. Firstly, I can't remember giving my address to any Ali; in fact I don't have any close friends named Ali. So, I'm thinking that perhaps we used to go to the same school. Yet, why didn't he leave his real name and the usual, hey, it's *** from MRSM (yup, I'm an ex-MRSM)?

Secondly, he addressed me as Little Ms. Ana. Newsflash* that's the title of my blog so that means he reads my ramblings. But that still does not explain how he knows where I live. Umm, is there something I don't know about? Am I up for sale somewhere on the net like in an obscure website I accidentally signed on with my personal details that include my home address, my medical history and some other useless information?

Thirdly, he included an audio cd with cool songs from the 80s and a couple of recent hits. I'm a bit puzzled on this at first, it's like I don't know this guy and he's already giving me a mix-tape-like cd. Sorry if I gave you the wrong impression, but I kind of like to get to know you first before I start baking cookies for you. But then I notice that he also threw in a guitar pic. So he knows that I play and as my brain worked harder to decipher the hidden code behind the songs, I realized that they all had one thing in common, great guitar. So, it's like a motivation thing for me to improve myself. How sweet is that?

Fourthly, the name Ali is so coincidental, but Rossi is too weird. Even though the whole world knows that I'm so in love with Valentino Rossi, you don't see that nickname very often unless you're a fan of motoGP. Wait a minute, is this some kind of a prank my friends are putting up for me. If that is true, thanks... what are friends for if not to add some spice in your boring life, huh? Can you guys get me the real Rossi after this just to see how wonderful a fool; I would make just for some laughs?

Anyway, thanks AliRossi, I appreciate your card, audio cd and guitar pic very much, whoever you may be. Hope you don't mind dropping a hello sometime or anytime soon. That would be great. By the way, you sure know how to make a girl excited in a non-I'm-getting-on-fire kind of way. Keep it up, I love a good mystery.