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Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Sepetik Telunjuk 01042006

The gallery

Last Saturday was the opening night for the experimental photography exhibition by a few of my photographer friends. The crowd was really encouraging since it was the first time ever for something like it to be organized. I am so proud of them. It was fun, a few of my friends came which made it all the more memorable.

Amir was the first one to come, we went from one photo to another, playing a game of, "Lets put a caption to this one!" It was hilarious. There was this one morbid pic of a girl lying helplessly on the floor, arms outstretched. Amir said,

"Damn, I should not have played futsal last night."

A funnier thing happened, we were looking at this photo of me and were commenting on the fact that even though people won't recognize me because I look so different, they are going to see my bracelets. Yeah, I wore them for every single picture. And we were laughing about some joke when suddenly we heard a voice right behind us.

"Eh, Ana lah ni. Ni Ana!"

Amir and I looked at one another and slowly we turned.

"Eh, Ana!"

My juniors from uni came to the exhibition. I was really impressed with this whole idea of 6degrees and what not. The night was halfly spent on avoiding suspicious glances from people. Like, macam ku kenal muka ni, tapi dimana ya?

And then abg Ahmad came with his sister and her friend, he managed to squeeze some 15 minutes of fame by joining the didjeridoo. Being the expert guitarist that he is, didn't find it such a problem to join in the music. Man, he's that good. He could make an alternative song easily.

They had to leave early, so later found me singing with Amir playing the guitar like there's no care in the world. It was great, it felt great, I should do it more often. By then, the crowds were shrinking so it didn't make any difference if I was making a fool out myself. Then Amir had to leave so I went and joined the others.

Justynn stopped by, took a look at her photo and instantly decided to buy it. Congratulations Pek Thong, you have one buyer! Hehe.. She didn't stay long since she's taking extra care of her health and should be sleeping early. So, the gang and I went for supper in the concrete garden at the corner end of the gallery.

All of us were seated around the table, eating ubi and pulut with ikan masin courtesy of Naim's mom. Best giler! Sorry guys, no more teka-teki from me. It was great to be able to sit down and just laze around after perhaps a hard day's work. I feel so honored to be a part of the exhibition, even though I didn't do much other than struck a pose.. a few poses.. a lot of poses.

Anyway, I will be going there again this weekend. I know, Little Ms. Vain is no longer a suspicion.

The gang.