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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Humpty Dumpty

Poor little humpty, who fell and broke himself.
Stupid little dumpty, who sat on the wall in the first place.

Have you ever had the (sinking or sickening)feeling that something bad was going to happen if you were to do something but you went ahead and do it anyway? It's as if you know the consequences of your actions will not be good but somehow you didn't do anything to prevent it. It's like watching yourself do something you will regret, but not having the will to stop yourself.

Remember when you were young or young-er, how often your mom reminds you of this and that, "Go to bed early or you're going to be late for school tomorrow," "Do your homework or your teacher is going to punish you," "Don't eat too many ice-cream or you're going to catch a cold." All of these and more, and instead of obediently following every single one, the spark of rebellion hits your small(as in a child's) brain and you refuse to abide. What happens?

"Ana, you always have to learn the hard way.."

Thanks, mummy. To think that after a day that began...
1) with you running to school only to stand instead of sitting among your classmates during the assembly, purposely extended with a prize giving ceremony for the tidiest class and other supplementary give-aways for classes that are not so tidy but are good enough to come second and third and the tidy-has-never-been-a-word-in-this-class,(note that the last often receives the most applause)
2) followed by a talk on the importance of recycling, (this punishment, in theory functions to injure your walking mechanics and numb your brain) plus the snappy taste of the good-ol-sugar cane on the face of your palm(licked twice to prevent the sting to last longer),
3) and after recess, thinking that your day would not get any worse, came the hundred ear squats(fully clothed) for failing to produce a completed workbook and being without any good excuse and forgetting to leave the incriminating evidence at home.
4) top the day with the tell-tale signs of a runny nose,
Would you still be doing the same thing, knowing better? Haha.. Not me.

Come on! I bet at least 1/3 of the people out there don't exactly learn the first time. It's almost inhuman. People make mistakes on a daily basis, anyone who doesn't can sign up for sainthood. It's only natural that we learn form our mistakes. But the question is, given the early signs, the God-given intuition that stems from the depth of our hearts, do we necessarily do the right thing? And sometimes, it's almost second-nature not to pay any heed to it.

It's like seeing a pair of scissors out of place, knowing you might need them later but not picking it up and putting it where you can easily find them. Next thing you know, you need them and it's not where you think it was and you ended up buying a new one and several days later the old one turns up and so now you have two scissors. One more and you will be known as a collector.

My point is(finally), there are times when you inherently know what you have to do, and what you should not do. But sometimes, you tend to go the other way around. The question is how come you allow yourself to do it when you should know better?