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Tuesday, October 16, 2007


I’m no genius. But I know my current educational success wasn't by chance either. Perhaps I may have an edge over my peers since I do have a fairly good command of the medium of instruction i.e. English. But there are others who are better language users than I am so it shouldn't be the case. I hate it when people make sly comments like "Ana doesn't even have to study because she'll get good grades anyway".

Truth is, I hate examinations or any other form of assessments. I feel it undermines a person's love for finding things out and learning in general. I especially hate quizzes, I hate the unpredictable nature of it. I can never be confident enough of what I know. And more often than not I am faced with the situation that I have a feeling that I know exactly what I don't know to answer a particular question. I know the exact chapter, the exact page even, but not the exact details. That’s why I hate quizzes, because they tend to test on your knowledge of specific facts or details of which I suck at remembering.

The ultimate pain in the ^$$ would be finding out that there's a test a day before or worse on the day itself. I would raise a white flag in defeat if I weren't so used to not quitting in anything except for the matters of the heart which is unrelated to the topic of discussion and I’m digressing. Anyway, by hook or by crook I would never hand in a blank test, I rather crumple it up and eat it, but that has yet to take place.

And one thing I would never resort to is cheating. I have nothing to prove by doing so, apart from how desperate I am to not fail my paper and lose my reputation as a geek. It just defeats the purpose of sitting for a test, don't get me wrong although I am against it, it doesn't mean I don't respect the supposed need for it. Cheating is just something that I won't do, I guess.

it annoys me greatly to see my peers doing it, the tell-tale signs, shifty eyes, awkward writing positions, jerky head movements etc. but the ultimate insult to my patience if that is even possible would be to have someone asking me to contribute information. wtf? first of all, do I look like someone who works at the information counter? secondly, does that someone at the information counter even know what critical period hypothesis is and its significance in acquiring second language? thirdly, do you even know if I got that question right myself?

funnily, I could never openly refuse a person's question. I think it's a character flaw. I always try to find the answers to questions directed at me, even if it'll take a lot of googling, I hate questions left unanswered as a principle. so, I’m not exactly sure of how to handle this kind of problem. good thing I’m not asking myself of what I should do about it. I don't want to bother.