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Friday, October 26, 2007

Tell Me by ANH Raffali Act 2

Act 2

Scene : MIKAIL is sitting, waiting patiently on a bench in the park. He has his headphones on and seems to be concentrating on the song. NURUL enters and tiptoes behind him. She puts her hands on his shoulders and gave it a squeeze.

NURUL : Hey, there! (MIKAIL almost jumps, takes off his headphones.)

MIKAIL : I’ll give you thirty years.

NURUL : For what?

MIKAIL : To do that, before I die of a heart attack.

NURUL : Thirty years? I’ll give you a lifetime.

MIKAIL : For what?

NURUL : To haunt me, after you’ve died from a heart attack.

MIKAIL : It’s a deal.

NURUL : (Laughs.) How long have you been here?

MIKAIL : Long enough.

NURUL : I’m sorry for being late.

MIKAIL : I bet not as sorry as I am for being early.

NURUL : Oh, you know me.

MIKAIL : Yes, I do. Well enough at least to skip the part for the excuse.

NURUL : Great, because I don’t have one.

MIKAIL : Are you telling me that you’re late because of nothing.

NURUL : That doesn’t make sense, does it?

MIKAIL : No, it doesn’t. But it’s fresh. Guess it happens sometimes.

NURUL : What happens sometimes?

MIKAIL : Things, you don’t know why they happen, they just do. You being fashionably late for instance. No excuse, you’re just late.

NURUL : Hmm… Being your philosophical self, I see. Or is it because you don’t like waiting.

MIKAIL : Oh, I love waiting. Actually, I prefer to wait, wait and wait again. I’m becoming more and more good at it. I’ll probably write a book on the art of waiting. Maybe I should find a more catchy title, how about “Ladies, in waiting.”

NURUL : Great, another book for dummies?

MIKAIL : No, more like the memoirs of a patient man.

NURUL : I really am sorry, you know. It’s not like I purposely made you wait. It’s not like I don’t know how dumb it is to wait for someone.

MIKAIL : Apology accepted.

NURUL : You’re doing that on purpose, aren’t you?

MIKAIL : What?

NURUL : I bet you enjoy seeing me feel bad about it.

MIKAIL : No, I don’t enjoy seeing you feel bad about anything.

NURUL : Then why are you being all sarcastic about it?

MIKAIL : Oh, you shouldn’t feel bad about that, I consist of sarcasm and hot air.

NURUL : You’re impossible.

MIKAIL : You know now that’s not possible.

NURUL : Why, because there’s this cliché that tells you that nothing is?

MIKAIL : Yup, the reason why we use clichés all the time is because more often than not, they are true.

NURUL : So, are you going to write a book on clichés now?

MIKAIL : Maybe, but only after I listen to your new song.

NURUL : Oh, Mikail, with all the waiting and hot air, I thought you might not remember that I sing, even more to have a new song.

MIKAIL : With a voice like that, it’s hardly I’ll ever forget, Nurul.

NURUL : Liar. You’re just saying that to make me feel good.

MIKAIL : You don’t want to believe me or you don’t want me to make you feel good?

NURUL : What’s makes you think it’s either one? (She takes out her guitar and sings. When she sings, she lets out her emotions, but MIKAIL doesn’t seem to take notice.)


MIKAIL : Wow. That’s… amazing. Sad, like all of your songs, but somewhat hopeful, which is different.

NURUL : Thank you. It means a lot.

MIKAIL : I can see that. I mean it really shows. Well, it does sound like your very best. I love it.

NURUL : Really? I’m glad. … Hey, Mikail… There’s something important I wanted to talk to you about.

MIKAIL : Is something wrong?

NURUL : Well, I hope it’s not. Umm… I don’t know why but… Umm… I can’t even explain it. I think… I think… (MIKAIL’s phone rings.)

MIKAIL : Hold that thought. (He picks it up.) Hello. Hey! Umm… Actually, I’m in the middle of something. Oh, is it urgent? Really? Well, I guess I can try. Okay. I’ll talk to you later. Bye. I’m sorry, Nurul. You were saying…

NURUL : Oh, umm… Where was I?

MIKAIL : You were thinking.

NURUL : Oh, yes I was. Been doing that a lot recently.

MIKAIL : Really? I can’t tell. (She playfully pinches him.) Oww… You’re strong.

NURUL : So you’ve noticed! Umm… I was saying that I think, I think that this would not be a good time to talk about it.

MIKAIL : Are you sure? Because if you’re worried about the call, I think I can be fashionably late as well. Try, at least.

NURUL : No, you should go. It’s not good to make people wait for you. You might develop a habit out of it and turn into me.


NURUL : (Laughs.) Go on, we’ll plan something later.

MIKAIL : Are you really, really sure?

NURUL : Of course I am. Do you want some help getting your bum off that bench?

MIKAIL : Nope, I’m capable of moving my bum perfectly on my own, thank you. Unless, you get a kick out of moving my bum?

NURUL : Why a kick? Do you consider yourself deserving of a slap?

MIKAIL : Ouch… I’ll behave.

NURUL : (Laughs.) You better.

MIKAIL : (He takes out his blind man-staff and stands up.) I’m really sorry. Take care alright. (He holds out his hand, she takes it and gives it a gentle tender squeeze.)

NURUL : Same here. (MIKAIL leaves. NURUL watches him go.)

Light fades out.