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Friday, June 27, 2008

Hujan Bunga


ramalan kaji cuaca kata aku kan jatuh cinta
the weather report said that I'll be falling in love

tapi tak pula beritahu dengan siapa
but it didn't say who's it gonna be

lalu hari ini ku berlari mencari-cari
so today, I've been running around looking for

si dia yang bakal miliki hati ini
the one whose full name is on my heart

*mungkin dia ada di situ
maybe that's him, over there

tersenyum padaku
smiling at me

namun malu-malu
ever so shyly

hujan bunga di Kuala Lumpur ini
it's raining flowers in KL

sudah tiada masa untuk mencari payung
there's no time to be looking for umbrellas

berteduh kita bawah surat khabar
lets take shelter under newspapers

lalu terbaca berita lama kata
and read the same old news

hujan ini tak akan reda
this rain won't ever stop

ikut rasa ingin sahaja aku hampirinya
if it was up to me I'll go to him

tapi ku takut apa pula kata semua
but I'm afraid of what they'll say

bukan senang untuk ku meluangkan masa ini
it's never easy to take the time for this

sekadar peluang mengisi ruang kosong hati
merely a chance to fill in this longing


***hujan ini tak akan reda
this rain won't ever stop
Words and music by Ana Raffali (anaraffali muzik ent.)

This is one of our jam sessions. Over here we have 2/5 of the Marhaens, the lovable Iqbal on the cello, and the err..equally lovable abg Aidit on the guitar. ;p

Currently, Hujan Bunga is the song of the moment, though I wrote this song sometime last year. If you haven't guessed what it's about, it's just me having fun on the idea of love being as predictable or unpredictable as the weather.

I mean, if the report says that it's gonna rain later this evening, I'm sure some people would take the trouble to carry an umbrella wherever they go. So, if it says that you're going to fall in love tonight, are you going to be ready for it?

Well, are you?