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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

2nd place is the 1st loser

Arau open was certainly a blast. Even the 9 hour bus rides were a load of fun. Jannah hitched a ride with us on the the way to UUM saying, "I've saved RM39 already." She got to know most of my debater friends, had a sneak peek at my old crush and agreed that he was adorable like a plush teddy. 'Comelnye, anak sapo ni!' One thing very interesting was that I spent hours talking about cars with my classmate, Zaim, who was clearly openmouthed surprise that I had known that much about it. And we were cracking stupid silly jokes and laughing like a bunch of crazies which was so much fun. Didn't know that he was a good friend to hang out with. Funny guy.

On the night that we arrived at UiTM Perlis, they took us to eat a big seafood dinner in a halal chinese restaurant. We spent about 30 minutes just standing there waiting for a table, to fight for seats if we have to. There were so many people and it was such a long wait. I felt so bad looking over people's shoulders at their juicy crabs and fish fritters, almost drooling. They must have been a little uncomfortable with us hanging around like a bunch of buzzards. In the end we surrendered by going to another place. It was pretty much worth it, for RM5 each we got ikan bakar, sweet and sour shrimps, some spicy crab dish, kailan ikan masin, omelet, sotong goreng tepung, and tom yam. RM5 and the rest was compensated by the club. Being the member of UiTM' s best club of the year does have its benefits. We washed all of those down with a glass of cool watermelon juice. Man, I was a stuffed toy that might have been a pinkish animal with four legs and no neck that night.

The tournament went pretty good. We won all of the breaking rounds, by me being the third speaker or the whip. (Whoppaw!) I was quite surprise that I've managed to come up with quite a lot of good points all throughout, despite the fact that I haven't been reading much and the only update I got on current issues was from Afiq, my debate partner for vc, 10 minutes before we boarded the bus.

Anyway, I felt really good during the debate except when we lost to Hafiedz, our senior, in the finals. Man, it was so close. Yeah, it still felt good though because Danial, my debate trainer, the top debater of UiTM Shah Alam, said that we should have gotten the win. That's a medal all by itself. I always find it hard to debate if Dan's adjudicating. I'll start fumbling and hesitating but thankfully during the finals I improved a bit from the last time he adjudicated me. I guess it's because I wanted to prove myself wrong.
No, Ana. There's nothing in his face that's freaking you out. And no, him wearing sun glasses will not change anything.

But, he's a good sport in making an effort to not pressure me so much and being so very helpful. But, it doesn't change the fact that we got 2nd place. It means that we were the first one to lose, we are the No1 losers! I hate thinking too much.

I've got a couple of silly jokes from the trip.

What's green and red and goes round and round at 100mph?

Kermit the frog in a blender.

Froggachino, coming up!