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Friday, January 27, 2006

School is cool!

The last day of school, mid-term break is finally here. I wonder if I can actually have a break. So many stuff to read (books; academic and non-academic), a debate tournament to go to, a lousy flue to get over, literature analysis and homeworks, drama script for personal satisfaction, PS2 games to finish, movies that I haven't watched yet. I better write down my list of things to do. Then again why bother? If it's not nagging in your head, it's not that important, I always say. Coming from me, that's not advisable.

I think I'm beginning to get more organized. I read more than my usual share, I sleep at least 7 hours a day, I eat my vitamin C, I'm keeping a good facial care regiment, I indulge in intellectual(girl talk) conversation with my friends, I have my daily music therapy with the new stereo in my room. And the best part is, my room has never been this neat before. I like being in my room a lot, reading, dreaming. I'm trying to see if having nothing on my desk except for the radio would have any significant psychological effect. I'm beginning to think that it does, somehow it makes me feel like an impulsive cleaner. Nowadays, I hate seeing my room disorganized, which is a very good change from the old me. And when I'm bored instead of going out, I'll be picking up a book to read.

I wonder what's happening. Could it be that this is a natural phase in life that everybody will have to go through? And by the end of the phase, can we actually choose to stick to it?

Well, classes have never been this great. I enjoy my literature classes a lot, I love the many discussions that somehow sprang from careful analysis and observation, which I think I got from debate training. Thank, God. I can't imagine taking counselling as my minor. I used to want to be a counsellor, but after seeing how you can really screw a person's head if you're not careful, I rather not start. By the way, I have a little crush on one of my lecturers. Don't get any ideas, he's old enough to be my father and I like him in a non-romantic kind of way. He's so helpful and soft-spoken, reminds me of someone I know. It's such a good thing though, makes me more inspired to come to his classes to listen to his lectures, do my assignments better than anyone else, which reminds me that I'm suppose to be meeting him now for some help on my review.

Oh, did I mention that he has a 22-year-old son who's doing medicine?

Oh, bring it on!