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Thursday, January 19, 2006

Of Mice and Men II

I think I'm becoming more and more sentimental these days. I finished reading the book, it grabbed me more than the film I must say. I haven't cried like that since Valentino Rossi turned me down the other day when I proposed, which was never! Talk about spellbinding.

I was so overwhelmed by a sense of dark anticipation, Steinbeck's superb voice didn't help in calming my nerves as the ultimate end gets closer and closer. What makes it worse was *spoiler* that the act of ending the big guy's life was so heartbreakingly methodical, full of purpose that the hesitation only added to the finality of the action. You can't bring back what's gone, ever.

I love the story. It hits me right in the face of how I've been mistaken. How life darkest truth is revealed with clarity, more often than not, the closest that you can get to your dreams is by dreaming them. You can't have what you want all the time. That's why you have to be accepting and loose some expectations that might cause you so much unneccessary hurt.

Yup, it does sound a tiny bit pessimistic. Then again, that's what being realistic is all about.

The second thing I love about the story is the fact that unconditional love is highlighted so nicely. *Spoiler* George loved Lennie with all his heart, he cares about him, that's why he was all so controlling because apart from the love that he felt, he was also afraid. He was afraid that Lennie might get himself in trouble, he was afraid that Lennie might get hurt. And he doesn't want that because that means he will then be faced with the pain of Lennie getting hurt. Brings protectiveness into a different level, are you protecting him only because you don't want him to get hurt, or are you controlling him so that he won't cause you any pain by his actions. I guess it works in both ways. So when it comes to making decisions, who’s being selfish now?

I’ve been reading too much these days, but I’m glad that I’m back to my old obsessive book-lover self. I just hope I might get my story writing momentum that I had back in MRSM. Man, back then I was unstoppable, I spend late hours typing away stories from my stash of weird ideas. I just need the right time, I guess. Right now, it’s all about absorbing and not letting go of that one small dream of becoming a divine storyteller.

Yup, I’m a dreamer awright.