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Monday, January 09, 2006

Psycho Project III

Two weeks ago I dragged Justynn in for the Saiko photography project. This time the supposed theme that I was aiming for was innocence, and Naim ( was my photographer. They thought of picking one model per one photographer so I got Naim, he's one heck of a good guy in his field.

So I wore a white summer dress and started posing for my very own photographer. It was like before but even more fun. The setting was in this huge unfinished house (more like a mansion to me) with lotsa windows and superb lighting. I think I like this setting much better because its not like the last Goth adventure with me tied to a rope from God knows where.

I'm not exactly sure if I managed to pull off the innocence thingy but I guess its more of the look of a kind of sorrowful longing or lost love. I feel sad when I look at the shots because when they were taken, I know I really placed myself to feel all the sadness in the world, or at least a really big quarter of it, or maybe just a little small sum.

If I were to become a singer and come out with an album. I'll definitely use the pictures taken then for my singles. I've got a couple of ideas for song titles already.

"Needless longing"

Inflatable by palancut

I have a feeling that it's called inflatable because my face is bloated like a balloon.

"Leave a scar"

grrrr by palancut

This is wicked. The white spot is actually reflected light from the window pane.

"Let me go"

untouched by palancut

I love this one because of the focus on the hand with the wire. Man, it was practically digging into my skin, but it turned out good after all.

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I'm not sure why I enjoy having my pictures taken, I don't consider myself to be sooo vain (then again what narcissistic, shadow-hugging, mirror-kissing girl would admit that), but it fascinates me how the human emotion can be summed up in what particular shot. I love to investigate the effect of that on people.