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Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Monday March 6, 2006

Big enough Little Ms. Ana

by ANH

SHAH ALAM: The future of the UiTM Debate Society looks burningly bright, as their trainer selected promising members to compete for the upcoming local and international debating tournaments.

Mr. Tubs said that in general, the competition for selecting the best from the many outstanding debaters was high. It had taken him more than the usual 30 minutes to decide on the rankings and team placement.

"The final debate was exceptional, all of the debaters performed well. They engaged with each other and gave excellent examples. It was probably one of the best debates we have had so far," he told debaters before announcing the results.

There was a new entrant to the big boys club, except this time it's not a boy. Little Ms. Ana has scored it big by proving to her peers and most importantly, the trainer that she has worked hard and is qualified to be in the first team.

She told reporters that it came as such a shock to her that the first thing that came out of her mouth was a word, which is unsuitable to be mentioned in the papers.

"I would like to thank my mom, my dad, my brothers, my sisters and my two adorable nephews for their continuing support. To my debate trainer, Tubs, my debate seniors, my friends for believing in me and pushing me to get my *ss going. With all the love in the world, I promise you all that I shall not let you down. Asians, Australs, Worlds, here I come." she said, adding that she looks forward to be working with her new team mates.

"I'm nervous and excited. Still can't believe that I'm with two of the best monkeys for debaters. They are pretty good fellas, really smart but really dumb*sses as well. It's going to be great," she remarked when asked if she was feeling the pressure of being in the dream team.

Perhaps, there is more to the future of the UiTM debate society than what meets the eye. We can only hope that the teams perform their very best and kick-ass along the way to the top.

Imagine reading that in your morning papers.