Philosophical cow dung on the life of little Ms. Imperfectly Fine.

Monday, March 27, 2006

train of thoughts

Questions I would like to have answered.

1. Why does it have to be that way?

2. Why can't it be the way I want?

3. Why can't I just let it go?

4. Why do I have to let it be?

5. Why can't it work?

6. Why does it have to fail?

7. Why can't it just be the way it was?

8. Why do I have to accept it as it is?

9. Why do I need to prove it right?

10. Why can't I prove it wrong?

11. Why does it feel so hard to be sure?

12. Why can't I be sure?

13. Why do I have to feel bad about it?

14. Why do I have a bad feeling about it?

15. Why do I have so many questions?

16. Why can't I have the all the answers?

Thoughts that often nag in my head, to keep me occupied while getting on with my life. In the hopes of taking the train of thoughts to somewhere, anywhere.