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Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Item no 1

Break nite!

So, I'm sure you're curious about what happened to Ms. Ana with the two boys in Langkawi or with anyone for that matter.

Here's the story.

We came, we debated, we lost.

I know being in the first team, the no 1 pressure would be to perform almost as equal to the seniors. But as I grew to learn from them, it's not about that at all, it's about keeping up and not letting the team down by not putting effort into it. And according to them, I didn't let them down in anyway.

"You might not be the best, but do your best."

With 7 wins out of 8 rounds, and breaking 3rd than last time's 6th. I guess, there is an improvement in that sense. Sad to say we lost because of one topic that we never actually talked about, a theme that we took for granted. Economics.

My knowledge of economics perhaps only extends to the buying and selling done between me and a salesperson. All this stuff about currency and market forces are quite unknown to me. Imagine our horror when we got the topic as the opposition "This house would buy dollars." :0

Being the opposition, there wasn't much we could do before entering the debate as we have to wait for the government's case first to react to it. As Danial gave his response, my respect for him grew, he can really pull it off. When he took his seat, he looked at me with this dazed faraway look on his face, "I don't know what the heck I was talking about." You sure looked you do, Dan. Wow!

Then Faiz's turn came and he was speaking with so much conviction that I was starting to really believe that we actually knew what we were talking about. And then, I gave my speech and it was just too crazy to describe.

When we received the verdict, we kinda knew it already. I wanted to see the speaker's score but I had to move with the team. It was only weeks afterwards that Ms. Salliza, my debate lecturer and friend, told me that I performed consistent with the team and for a person who doesn't know anything about economics, seem to put up a good show of it at least.

It was really close, lost by a 4-3 vote. And the scores were consistent, so it was a fair fight after all.

I must admit, I was feeling very very upset because I couldn't help but think that we lost because Hafiedz, who's a business student, wasn't in the team. Or else, they would have secured the cup. But, Faiz told me that it was a team effort, that one person cannot win the whole debate if two others suck big time. In a way, they are as much to be blamed for being seniors and not knowing their stuff. Sorry, guys.

Well, for Australs they will be reunited. I'm a tad bit disappointed that I don't get to debate with those two smarties but I understand Hafiedz's need to have the top team. He has a lot to prove being the seniors of all seniors. ;p I just hope that one day, I might have a chance to prove my worth as the so-called fast rising debater in the history of UiTM debating.

But, my new team is not that bad at all. I have Zharif and I've debated with him countless of times before and he's great. And there's Adiba, who I think is one of the strongest women debaters around. I'm looking forward to putting more effort into it by reading more and speaking more and be more confident at it.

Oh well.

waiting for the match-ups