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Thursday, December 27, 2007

Little Things That Keep Me Happy 1

Apart from making music and playing the guitar. There are a number of things I love to do that keep me sane and happy.

1) Eating out with close friends

I asked a guy that I kinda like out for ice-cream the other day. He turned me down. It was the first time that I actually had the nerve to ask someone I didn't know that well but liked out for anything. I mean he was being polite and all and saying that he had a lot of things to do before he had to leave the country for a couple of weeks on that particular day that I asked him. But, honestly, I was mightily disappointed. Promised myself never to do it again, ever. Funnily, he sorted out the problem by saying that he would ask me out when he returns. It should be a relief.

But, I was still kinda disappointed. So, I decided on food therapy. I went to Sushi King with two of my good pals. Man, it was reeaaallly good. I totally forgot about what I was so upset about and had an awesome time catching up on stuff since I've been away from the two for quite some time. Icky's my band mate and he's been busy with a play while Faizah's my roomie and she's been doing her practicum teaching near her hometown. I didn't get to eat ice-cream anyway but we played a little game with a watermelon sherbet. Each of us had to share the latest juicy news before eating a spoonful of the gloriously rich delicious sherbet.

2) Playing with my nephews

I went out with my brother to get something special for our nephews. That something special was a box of oil pastels (48 colors) and two sketchbooks. My nephews are kinda banned from buying or getting toys for any occasion since they have tonnes of that already. And knowing that 4 year old Nabil is developing an interest in drawing and 3 year old Aidil, an interest in anything that interests his brother, it was only natural for us to get them something like that. I mean, the idea was mine really. I've always been a fan of oil pastels although I could not draw anything decent at all. And to acquire a box of oil pastels with as many colors as was marketable and possible, was a childhood dream come true.

So Auntie Ana became the dreamcolor master. To see the look of delight in my nephews' faces was simply wonderful. I sat with them as they draw and gave suggestions as to which color to use. I am rather impressed with Nabil's progress, if you have read a previous entry about him drawing you would know that he has grown a lot in terms of his ability to compose a picture. And it really makes me feel so proud to see my influence in the way he draws the dead tree. He was rather proud of it too.