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Friday, April 04, 2008

My darling

Here I am, my darling
Why did you turn away,
My throat is dry
there's nothing more to say

I'd give you anything,
as long as it would bring
water to my lips
your love on my ring

*don't say you don't need me,
I already know
you want me to leave you
but I won't let go
someday you will learn
to point out the sign
so pour me your love,
since you've drunk all of mine.

time to quench your doubt
you already know
what this is about
you and I
forget the past
ignore all the rest
they mean nothing

there's only us, my darling
my heart's better half
rid me of this thirst
love me for myself

I've given you everything
what more do you need
do not resist me
just follow my lead


there's only us, my darling
when will you come to me?
Words and music by Ana Raffali (anaraffali muzik ent.)

Will update you on;
1) Acoustic Musings
2) Being unwell