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Thursday, April 24, 2008

10) John Mayer

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Despite the fact that my love, the phantom, has a particular animosity towards this particular human, I still think John Mayer (JM) is awesome. (but, darling you're the best!)

I remembered when his songs arrived on our airwaves. And the tv kept on showing "No Such Thing", so I kinda knew him from the start, at least at the start of his big international break. But, I wasn't really a listener. In fact, when "Your Body is A Wonderland" came out, I had a certain dislike towards this seemingly shallow personality. I recalled riding on the bus and listening to the radio and commenting, "What the heck was this guy thinking?".

But, I have forgiven him over the years and slowly I warmed up to him. The turning point was when I heard "Daughters" in the car and thought, "Hey, isn't this that wonderland guy?" and the line that caught me was [with my heart in my hand]. Man, that's very powerful and not to mention graphic.

So I got the chance to see him while I was in Japan. (Please click here if you haven't read my account of the event plus how corny and obsessive I was.)

I like JM because his songs are the kind that I would write myself. Take "3x5", one of my favorite songs on this entire planet, about wanting to share real moments with someone who is not nearby. I like how the song has a rather hopeful feel to it [you'll be with me next time I go outside, no more 3x5s (photos), just no more 3x5s]. Another song that demonstrates this is "Back to You". I think what's very endearing about this song is that it has the simplest, honest lyrics and they just flow effortlessly with the strong melody.

What is more, I like how his latest album is musically different and more complex (even sexier). It shows how he has grown as an artist as well as a person. Apart from that, he has a pretty wicked sense of humor and is a blogger (do write more, JM!) too. Yeah, we're kindred spirits. ;p