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Friday, December 16, 2005

One sms

I'm a fool and I must admit this.

One sms is all it took to wipe away all the negativity in my heart wrenching lovesick sob story. One ‘hey!’ and everything is right back where it started. If I hadn't known better, I think he might be reading this blog. Doubt it, though. But, whatever is at work, please continue.

I was sleeping when I heard my phone. Eyes blurry but my heart was beating a little too fast for comfort, like it knows something heart stopping was on the brink of taking place. One look.

Oh my God...

Just couldn't believe that after all the heartache of constantly doubting every single thing that concerns me and him, he came back. And I'm a certified dumb-ass for ever confusing the feeling of insecurity with feeling like I've been wronged somehow and it isn't fair. I've made a fool of myself, and if people are laughing at him, I'll join them gladly. Funny how you tend to look at things, only through your own eyes, blurry.

I'd like to think that he'll linger around for sure. This time, I'm doing it right. You can't loose a person you care so much so many times because you just don't learn from your mistakes. My friend once said that 'move on' is such a harsh word to use, like your feelings are not suppose to matter in it. So instead, I'd say 'brace yourself'.