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Monday, December 19, 2005

Post Rock the world VI

My body is aching all over. I got battle scars that consist of bumps and bruises in my arms and kneecaps, shin, ribs. My neck hurts from too much head banging without warm-ups. Kids, with that I mean minors, tried to pick me up, and on top of that I got sexually harassed. Not saying that it was totally worth it but, Rock the World 6 was indeed a blast.

We were among the early birds. Since we couldn't bring outside food and drinks, my mineral water nearly didn't make it through. Quick thinking, "Kalau untuk makan ubat macamana?" Those very nice people let us through, my bottle was safe. Hmm... Where did I put my medicine? Let me see, oh yeah, I don't have any.

We had to wait close to two hours. But when it finally started we were at the center front of the stage. What followed was a series of skilful maneuvers to the very front behind the dividing bars. We had to endure the heat and sweat and the occasional grabs, those bastards, but the live music managed to distract me from thinking too much about it. Some of the craziest things that happened was, people were crowd-surfing and I don't know why (maybe it's because I was wearing a red t-shirt all bright and easy) but people kept sending them over to us, Jannah was standing behind me being my bodyguard and all as it was my first RTW. I think I got knock on the head about three times, and although my vision was spinning at one time, I shook it off with the good old rock and roll.

My favorite performances was from (let me see if I can remember, you can never really tell after a couple of possible concussions) OAG, SevenCollar T-Shirt, The A.C.A.B, Frequency Cannon, Cassandra, in short the line-up was pretty good. I especially liked OAG's set because the guitarist was cute and nice enough to smile and put his hand up for me. Rock on!

SCTS will always be my favorite underground band. Before they came in, we switched places to the far right of the stage after the short break. There was this one dude who after seeing my desperation for a good spot to enjoy the show without too much hassle, offered a spot in front of him. He was the least dodgy guy because I felt quite safe enough. Me and Jannah finally got to the very front and we were waiting for the next band when who would have thought, Fidi came with two mineral water bottles for us. I was screaming in delight, it's been a while since I saw him last. He couldn't hang around though but we managed to squeeze in our gratitude. We shared the water with Adib, who spotted us on the big screen and came to join us, and a couple of other thirsty dudes.

After SCTS finished performing, we quickly made our way to the LRT station (a quick visit to the wash room to change and freshen up) to meet my friends in Kelana Jaya. They were playing futsal and thought I might be in time to cheer them on. Besides, it's Aidan's birthday. And being such good cheerleaders, they won. Birthday boy scored five goals in that game.