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Monday, November 13, 2006

It's getting cold in here..

So, put on as many clothes as you could..

I know it's to be expected, we are nearing the middle of November anyway. But, it was so bloody cold in my room last night that I had to wear three layers of clothing, plus sleep underneath two thick blankets. I suspected that my heater wasn't working properly because all that was coming out of it was refreshing cool air. I turned it off and resorted to an act that would have conservationist throwing water balloons at me in the middle of the street so that I would die of hypothermia. Yes, it was that terrible.

I turned on all the lights in the hopes of making the room warmer. Did it work? Lets just say that as I was freezing on my bed, the lights kind of distracted me from the cold, so I wasn't thinking much about being a human popsicle.

Good thing the heater is working now, or else I might have to burn some stuff in this room just to keep myself from wasting more energy. I think I could start off by burning my ex's belongings that I stole from him before I came here. Mr. Snuffy, intimate diaries volume 1-6, a few back issues of dirty 'happy' magazines and some fossilized banana pancakes (maybe that should be enough to save Mr. Snuffy from the fires of hell).

Anyway, we had a field trip today and went to some really cool places. Ricoh and Asahi Brewery. If you wanna know what those companies do, please go to --> link courtesy of my bro, Acat.

Ricoh was big on recycling every single thing imaginable. Asahi brewery as well. Listening to their explanation of how it is important to care for your environment and do your individual part in being in harmony with nature etc, I felt a tiny bit guilty for leaving ALL the lights on for the night. Maybe I do deserve those water balloons after all..

Moving on, I finally get to see Mount Fuji in front of my eyes. Here it is.