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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

miss my baby (or not so baby anymore) nephew

Nabil and Auntie Ana

It's no secret that Dishwalla is my favorite band of all time. If you ask me why I like em', I probably won't be able to give you a technical answer. But somehow, I just do.

Angels or Devils is my favorite song by Dishwalla, my nephew, Nabil made sure of that. I remembered when my nephew was much much smaller, I played the song once for him and he liked it so much that from then on, it was his song. He would point to the CD player and say, "Naak...” and when the music starts to play he would hold up his arms towards me so that I would pick him up for a little slow dancing. My brothers enviously said that I had brainwashed him with Dishwalla, because he wanted no one but me. I was his favorite. “Ana... Ana...” My name was one of the earliest words he learned to say.

How I miss those days. I could still remember the feeling of his little arms wrapping around my shoulders, and his warm cheek touching mine as the song was nearing its end. He would look at me with his big eyes begging for another go. How could I refuse? The song was on repeat anyway and I’d be too late to tell him that it’s finished. Every time he came to visit us, my arms would feel sore afterwards. But I don’t care. The feeling of holding someone so precious in your arms is worth any pain.

Nabil has been doing what any kid does best, growing up. I miss a good three months of that. I know it’s not that long but… I wonder if he still remembers those moments when I was his favorite person in the whole world, or this song even.

NOTE: This is Jeff Kamakahi (he's from Hawaii, hooray!!), and he's a lecturer from St. John's. He's also my guitar jamming partner. Now that I have Johney, I'm into serious playing. ;)