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Sunday, November 12, 2006

The Sushi Party 101106

Before the John Mayer concert I went to Bunkyo Girls High School for their sushi party and made sushi from scratch. Below is how I think we made it.

Sushi California Style

Cooked rice with vinegar
salmon (sliced probably raw)
crab meat
sliced avocado
seaweed+sesame (norifuki or something like that)

Place half of the rice inside a square serving dish until it covers the bottom. Basically just layer it with the salmon, crab meat, avocado and a lot of mayo( I put a lot because I'm not really fond of salmon). Cover it with the remaining rice. Take out a flat board or something like that and push the rice until it's compact and nice and all sushi like. take it out of the dish, serve it on plate, sprinkle the norifuki (I might be wrong on the name though) and cut it with a sharp knife. There you go.

NOTE: They were actually delicious, the salmon wasn't bad at all. Salty salmon, sweet crab, sour mayo, soft avocado, and fulfilling rice added up really nicely. I'm gonna learn more sushi recipe to add to my cooking repertoire. ;p