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Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Tell Me by ANH Raffali Act 4

Act 4.

Scene : NURUL is sitting on the sofa, reading a book preferably ‘of mice and men’ quietly, from time to time; she looks at her phone, wishing it would come alive. JOE and CASEY come in.

CASEY : Nurul, you’re home! Have a seat, Joe. It’s here somewhere. (She looks into the shelf, searching for something.)

NURUL : Hey, guys. Wow, you’re looking more handsome than your average, Joe.

JOE : Ha ha…Thanks, Nurul! (He sits down next to her.) But, I think you can tone down with the compliments, now that I already got the girl.

NURUL : Joe, I feel offended that you would think that I’ve been complimenting you all this while just so that I could ease your shots for my girl. Are you saying that I have anything to do with you scoring points with Casey?

JOE : Are you saying that the incentives I gave you are not good enough?

NURUL : (Laughs.) No, kidding.

JOE : How have you been, Nurul?

NURUL : I’ve been better. But I have a new song.

JOE : Impressive! What is it about?

CASEY : Oh, I know!

NURUL : Don’t start!

CASEY : (Laughs.) Alright.

JOE : Oh, is it about the bloody heart again?

NURUL : I should have known.

JOE : Hey, it’s a good story.

CASEY : Of course it is. It was your idea, baby. (She throws a book towards him.) Found it.

JOE : Shh… Now, she’s going to think that I’m some dirty old sadistic pervert.

CASEY : Are you saying that you’re not?

JOE : Hey, it takes one, to know one.

NURUL : Birds of the same feathers; flock together.

JOE : Great minds; think a lot.

CASEY : No, you got that saying wrong. It’s ‘great minds… do all the thinking’.

NURUL : I guess that leaves you out, Joe. You don’t think at all.

JOE : Dope!

CASEY : Yeah, he prefers to think with his other head.

JOE : I have two?

NURUL : That’s funny.

CASEY : Baby, would you like me to give you a whack on your head?

JOE : Ooh, can I choose which head I want whacked?

NURUL : Ewe… Play your head games somewhere else. You’re going to give me nightmares.

JOE : Me? In your dreams? Hmm…

NURUL : Dream on!

JOE : Gladly.

CASEY : That’s enough, Joe.

JOE : Yes, mom!

NURUL : So have you guys been discussing about me again?

JOE : How does she know?

NURUL : So you were!

CASEY : Lucky guess.

NURUL : Tell me, is there anything new?

CASEY : (She walks towards the sofa and plops herself down.) Actually, there is.

NURUL : What is it?

CASEY : Before that, first tell me; how did it go?

NURUL : How did what go?

CASEY : What else?

NURUL : You mean; the plan?

CASEY : Yes, the plan.

NURUL : Oh, we met, exchange the usual banter. I sang him the song. He said that he loves it. That was it.

CASEY : That’s all? Did you tell him?

NURUL : Tell him what? Oh, that. No, I didn’t get a chance to say it. He had to go off early.

CASEY : So much for the suspense. So, what are you going to do next?

NURUL : I don’t know. Wait, as usual.

CASEY : You’re going to spend the rest of your life waiting for him, you know that.

NURUL : I don’t mind.

JOE : Nurul, has anybody ever told you that you’re a sadist?

NURUL : No. Why, you like that kind of thing?

JOE : Hmm… What have you got in mind?

CASEY : Hey, focus on the topic at hand, people.

JOE : Yes, mam!

CASEY : Nurul, I don’t want you to go on with all the hope in the world, all the love in your heart, for something that might not happen. Mikail is a great guy, but are you sure he can make you happy? Do you really want him to be the one?

NURUL : Of course, with all the hope in the world and all the love in my heart, I know that he’s the only one that can make me happy. (She playfully swoons.)

CASEY : Here we go again.

JOE : Sorry to interrupt, but don’t you think you’re giving him too much credit? It’s like the only way for you to be happy is to make him yours, so that you could have him all to yourself.

CASEY : Exactly. You’re putting your happiness solely upon him, Nurul. When he might not have the same feeling as you. He might just think of you as a friend, just as he might think of a cheesecake as dessert.

NURUL : I’m not stupid, guys. I may be foolish but I’m certainly not stupid. I know that he does like me, he treats me in his own special way and I can see that. But there’s something more to it than ordinary friendliness. I can feel it whenever we’re around each other. It’s not some sexual chemistry, or hormones or anything superficial like that, it’s just this warm comfort, the feeling that I trust him, I respect him and somehow I know he must be feeling it too. Maybe, just maybe, there is something more to it than simple friendship.

JOE : Maybe. (He’s looking at Casey.)

NURUL : I know there’s a chance that I might be wrong in this. But I can’t give up the other chance that I might be right.

CASEY : The way I see it, it’s hardly anytime soon that you’re going to find out.

NURUL : No, I’ve made up my mind. I will tell him. I just have to find the right time.

JOE : Whenever that would be, you know that we’ll be here in case you need anything, whatever happens.

NURUL : Thank you. I’m glad you guys are part of my support group.

CASEY : Nurul, Joe was telling me about how Mikail lost his sight. Did he ever tell you?

NURUL : The elusive ex-girlfriend episode. Yeah, we talked about it.

CASEY : Really? I can’t believe you didn’t tell me.

NURUL : Well, how was I supposed to know you’d be interested?

CASEY : It’s not like you’ve been keeping anything a secret from me.

NURUL : I was going to tell you about it, seems like Joe beat me to it. (She punches Joe on the shoulder.) Thanks a lot, genius!

JOE : Hey, it’s not my fault you didn’t tell her sooner.

NURUL : I’m sorry, Casey. I guess I didn’t think it was important.

CASEY : Well, we think it is. It sure explains a lot about him.

NURUL : Yeah, but it’s over now. He told me that it doesn’t make any difference to think about it anymore. It’s just the same as it was years ago.

CASEY : Don’t you think that might be the reason why he’s not interested in a romantic relationship with you or anyone else?

NURUL : I thought about that. But, just a few weeks back, I asked him whether he was still heart broken because of his ex.

CASEY : So what did he say?

NURUL : You know Mikail; he asked me back, did he look like he was heart broken?

CASEY : Of course not.

NURUL : That’s what I said.

JOE : So, I guess we have our answer, which still doesn’t solve anything.

CASEY : Okay, now we know that the past is not the reason for him not getting any ideas about you. So there must be something deeper that we haven’t seen yet.

NURUL : Oh, why can’t I fall for a simpler guy? Why do I need to complicate myself with someone so… complex?

CASEY : Face it, Nurul, Joe’s right. You are a sadist.

JOE : Thanks, baby.

NURUL : Suppose he doesn’t want to know that I like him. Perhaps he feels inferior or something. Being blind and all, maybe he knows but he thinks he’s not good enough for me.

JOE : Do you think he’s good enough?

NURUL : He’s not just good enough. He’s the best one so far. No one can top Mikail.

JOE : What about me?

NURUL : Maybe… If you’re not so average, Joe.

JOE : Dammit! I know that was coming.

CASEY : I think Nurul has a point there. But I’m curious to know something. If it was a cornea transplant, isn’t there a chance for him to restore his sight with another operation?

NURUL : Yeah, he’s never talked about the possibility of him seeing again. Guess, it wasn’t even an option.

JOE : I’m not sure why, I haven’t gotten around asking him that yet.

NURUL : Maybe, I will.

Lights fade out.