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Thursday, October 05, 2006


Tokyo Dome
Last Sunday, I went to see my first baseball game at Tokyo Dome in support of the home team, the Yomiuri Giants. Honestly, I actually had fun. By the end of the day, I managed to come to the conclusion that baseball is my kinda game. Pretty laidback, not so stressing, you don't have to run around that much. I would definitely play this game if I wasn't so afraid of fast moving objects heading my way.

Where's Peter?
So I don't mind settling for the position of an ardent spectator. The game was between the Giants and the Hiroshima Toyo Carp. How cute can a baseball team name get? The giants wore something white and the carps wore something red. Pretty easy to distinguish since Mark got us the best seats in the house.

Zoom in
As it was my first real baseball experience, I was kinda excited. The quick revision I did on the encarta paid off as I was able to follow the game without much difficulty. Well, I did have dear Mark sitting next to me to explain in detail the little rules I was unaware of. ;p

The guide
Everytime a player comes in to bat, the fans always have some cool cheer to chant. All of us joined in the fun and clapped hard like we meant it and we knew the players so well. In the middle of the game, Mark said he wanted to see at least one home run. I replied saying that the carp got one, "from the giants" he added. For the next inning, the carps scored two homeruns in a row, making the score 3-0. "Yikes..Me and my big mouth."

The gang
Well, we lost. But we agreed that it was a good game. One thing I must comment is that japanese fans are the most encouraging, polite, charming and fun supporters ever. Now, I've seen one EPL game, there's nothing polite about calling the opponent's a fallen player "Sei te pinocchio." Amazingly, even though the giants lost the game, the fans sang a loud cheer to the winning team. The carps replied with their cheer in good sport. Awesome.