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Wednesday, October 18, 2006

MonsteRocKnife 002

Joe and I waiting for the train
Last Sunday, Joe and I went to a gig in Shinjuku. Funny thing was, we lost each other coming out of the metro. It was most memorable because there I was in the middle of everything, clueless as to where I should go, having given the one and only map to the place to Joe. I waited for him at one spot for at least 15 minutes before I began to suspect that he might have walked further up. The next 30 minutes found me circling the station like a little lost kitten.

Finally I decided that I might as well try to find the venue on my own in the hopes of meeting my gig mate there. My first attempt to ask a passerby led me to the policebooth where the police officer took out a huge^$$ map and showed me the way to the Shinjuku ACB Hall. I was so excited having found out the way that I even stopped by Makudonarudo to get some refreshment, it was after all inching closer to 5:30pm.

When I got there, I couldn't find the hall and was beginning to doubt my sense of direction. The area was kind of dodgy to begin with but thank God there was another policebooth. After unsuccessfully following (perhaps misinterpreted) directions, one of the police officers walked me to the destination. As I was walking, this one mat salleh dude was about to pass me by when I recognized him to be my long lost Joe. Man, I've never been that happy to see him.

After thanking the officer, we started down the flight(s) of stairs to the underground gig site. We were the first to buy tickets, despite our earlier drama. Joe asked me when did I realize that he was gone (or I lost him). Well, I went outside and when I turn around to ask something he was nowhere to be found so I waited for him in a corner thinking that he might return to look for me.

He, on the other hand, lost me inside the station when he went to look at the big map. He waited for me about the same time I did but in a different location, then decided maybe he could find me at our supposed destination (although he actually thought that it was unlikely to happen knowing that he had "my map" with him.) Good thing I was the one who printed it and was able to remember basic information. It was worth getting lost though, the gig was awesome. There were six bands altogether, but I shall comment on my four favorites. Although the two other bands; Local Sound Style and at Anytime, are pretty awesome too, I just don't have any good pictures of them. ;p

my beautiful ending
Ironically this band went first. This band sings in english and their songs are unique because of the keyboard/piano. I like this one song called "tears are falling again". It has a very nice melancholic feel to it, soft yet powerful in a way.

Shove It
Nope, it's not a clone of pop shuvit. Punk rock, english songs and it's all good fun. They play with their hearts, I like. I like the basist as well, and the sweetheart gave me his pic. Aw.. ;)

Flash back
Now this band is hot. The vocalist is so sexy playing the guitar. Kinda reminds me of Duan of scts though, although I must admit minus the sexiness. Their songs are also in english, but it's not as heavy as other japanese indie bands I've heard before. I like the rawness of this band. Plus, this guy is so adorably polite and shy, and I got his pic as well. Love his hands.

Tribal Chair
Now this ladies and gentlemen, is the reason little Ms. Ana dragged her American friend all the way to Shinjuku for. I'm sure that if you went through my earlier posts you would recognize the name. Yes, Tribal Chair is rocking hot. I was closest to the stage, right at the center front, practically drooling over the band.

One thing about japanese gig goers is that they don't really mosh, they rock their bodies and nod their heads to the music and when the chorus comes they'll raise their right arms and make mock guns out of their fingers and wave them in unison. I tried following their lead but decided I'd rather do my head banging and culture clashing. I had one of the best times of my life going crazy in tune with their music.

Hide (Bassist) and Shiro (Guitarist)
Shiro was the one responsible in giving me directions to the map. And the best part was that he remembered me and patted me on the shoulder when he saw me. He also gave me his pic. ;)

Hiroki, my hero
I don't think I'll ever get a decent picture with him. But who cares as long as he's gorgeous in person. I almost melted when I saw the sparkle of recognition in his eyes as I said ohisashiburi to him. He was so gracious and warm *sigh* and even gave us the band's latest single cd (one each). I promise to see them again in Shibuya, after that steamy musical connection, who wouldn't make the effort?