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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

l for love

I LOVE music, it's an obsession. I don't think I could ever go a day without it. So, lately I've been given a huge share of it. Oh yessss.

Amir, one of my closest buddies, is in a hardcore band called "nostalgia". They were pretty awesome. I never imagined my friend to be so rockstarish on stage. It was a pleasant surprise really.

Estranged is one of my favorite local rock bands. And they are a pretty nice bunch of people in person too. They pulled off a great show during the finals of the anugerah juara lagu. Rich started the song slow on the acoustic, enunciating every word with honesty, setting the mood or emotion for the song. And then wham! they hit it off only to come back again slow and picking it up from there. Oh and the strings added a lovely warm feel to it. Nice nice nice.

Radiostar, my mentoring band, had a live recording session for a radio station the other day. I got the opportunity to sing the duet titled "Hanya Milik Dia". I sooooo love this song. The band is rather awe-inspiring. I had loads of fun jamming with them.

I went to this gig a couple of weeks back to catch this super sweet band called lightcraft. They were (and are) awesome. They opened their set with "those beautiful shapes" that happens to be my favorite track in the soon-to-be-out 2nd EP. Those guys really know how to pull at my tender heartstrings.

My friend, Islah is in this band called Sonar. He taught me some interesting bits on the guitar, pretty cool. Here is a song he wrote;