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Sunday, January 20, 2008

w for waves

My sister, Jannah has been making waves through her blog by her rather courageous effort in writing about a wrong to right the wrong. I have made my opinions on the matter numerous times in various occasions. Perhaps it's time to take it home.

I personally think that Ms. (Datin) Natasha Hudson should have just kept mum about this, delete her blog earlier and quietly leave the country for a few odd years and all of this might possibly die out like crocs in the concrete jungle.

Instead she chose to deny her wrongs and furthermore inciting our disapproval as well as insulting our intelligence by coming up with rather amusing and childish responses, in fact non of which could redeem her lost soul.

And up to this point, despite the waves that Ms. Jane is creating, Ms. Nat has yet to own up to her deplorable deed, come out clean and apologize like she means it. That would be the right thing to do, although it might not be the easiest.

I think we, the waves, have moved beyond doubting the truth in the allegations. Perhaps one thing to ponder on is how could one as beautiful as she, ended up doing something so ugly.

What we write or say in sincerity is an extension of our hearts, a reflection of our souls. That's why to bloggers, our writings mean the world to us. It is through decoding our thoughts in words that we are able to deal with our lives. We don't necessarily speak in all honesty all the time but even then what we write would still reflect if not who we are, at least who we aspire to become or part of us we chose to let die.

So it was rather painful to see something you know to be in its truest form be distorted into something else that, although would look pretty on paper, have lost its charm, character and intention. And even more hurting when the person who's responsible for the deed neglected the simplest awareness that the least you could do is to cite your sources. Sad, indeed.

I feel rather adventurous tonight, so I'm pulling a "natasha". Here's my take on A. Samad Said's Irama Rindu

Yearning Rhythm

Wind doesn't embrace messages
Lover doesn't reach out her hand
I'm dry from this burning yearn--
Years of yearning without song.

Night doesn't bring the moon
Lover doesn't worship love
I'm smashed by this nesting hurt--
Soured hurt throughout the years.

Why did Adam love Eve,
The same with Lela Majnun?
Why does my love for you, my dear,
has never been rained with flowers?

Would I become a hydrogen dirt
that doesn't recognize human affection?
Would you want me to be the devil
forgetting kindness, ambitions and love?

Isn't it so that knitted lives
bring peace and happiness forever?
Why won't you, my dear, accept
our hearts alongside each other?

The farthest distance of five continents
The highest hope towards seven skies
all of this would be near to me
once you, my dear, are willing to be one.

Kelana Jaya
January 20, 2008


Irama Rindu

Angin tidak memeluk pesan
kekasih tidak menghulurkan tangan
aku kering dibakar rindu--
rindu bertahun tidak berlagu.

Malam tidak membawa bulan
kekasih tidak menyembah sayang
aku remuk luka bersarang--
luka tercuka sepanjang zaman.

Mengapa Adam sayangkan Hawa,
Lela Majnun begitu juga?
Mengapa sayangku padamu adinda,
tidak pernah ditaburi bunga?

Bukankah hidup kait-mengait
membawa abadi aman dan bahagia?
Mengapa adinda tidak terima
hati kita berganding sama?

Lima benua jauh perjalanan
tujuh langit tinggi harapan
semua ini dekat padaku
bila adinda rela bersatu.

12 Oktober 1954

Pak Samad rocks!! So don't let the waves consume you, just ride with it.