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Friday, October 14, 2005

Busy as a bee.

Man, if this week has been hell, I hate to think what a real hell would feel like.

Just got off from delivering a presentation on International English as the way to go. I think I was more concerned with finishing it off than making sense. I was practically speeding and making myself barely intelligible. Thats ironic since my presentation was all about international intelligibility. Yeah, I know, I'm still not making sense.

Need to read up for my test later, Oral Communication, public speaking for the commoners. I hope I'll manage to put my basic knowledge of giving a speech into good use. It sucks when you are known as a debater and incapable of scoring high for something that should be at the tip of your fingers. I got an A- for my Informative speech. Its weird because I think the reason was because I followed my outline exactly word for word. And you're not suppose to do that? So, no point memorizing huh? That's dumb.

Can't wait til the sem is over.

I want a life.