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Thursday, October 13, 2005

Flat batteries

My bro gave me a pda, yeah I know, lucky me to have him. *wink.

I've been using the pda like mad. Writing, taking pictures, listening to songs etc.

Then one day, seeing the need to acquire a proper charger for MY palm, ventured to Low Yatt to look for it on my own for the first time. Makes me feel all grown up a bit.

Got the charger, went home to Shah Alam, opened the pda and...

The batteries were flat, the data inside was erased.

Gone were my writings, my pics and my personalized settings.


And not to mention, the particular collection of sms that I've been saving from a particular someone. I know, sad.

The last two days have been seeing me going back and forth to klcc, with the help of Acat, to restore whatever was gone. The pda was never the same again. Certain items were lost forever, like a picture of a distribution truck with the writings "eggs you'll take to heart" plastered on it that I was planning to write about, and a guitar pic. Then again, I can always snap the latter again.

Oh, yeah, I got a new guitar pic.

Well, it's not exactly new. But, it's priceless, most definitely. Talk about something to boost my motivation to improve my guitar skills. Thanks, love. It's the best pic I've had so far. *wink.

I'm not in my philosophical mood at the moment. Expect a turnaround sometime next week as the lunar eclipses with the sea. Whatever.