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Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Time to be more patient

Hey, fasting month is here. More to practice the virtue of patience. To live in moderation and initiate positive behaviour. A time to be more kind and more thoughtful.

When I was little, I very much look forward to fasting. I remember waking up crying on my bed, with my head resting on my arms, like there was no tomorrow. Just because my mom forgot to wake me up for sahur. It was so important to me at that time to fast accordingly the whole month, never missing a day. And of course, how can I forget, the certain nikmat of forgetfulness when I
drank nice cool water in the middle of the day. I panic and ran towards my mom as if I had done a terrible horrible deed only to be reassured by her that God is forgiving. And it's true.

The best part about it all was when the whole family would break our fast. It was grand. I have many many siblings under one roof, that even the kitchen could not accommodate us. We ended up eating in front of the tv like it's a family time thing, which it was and still is. The whole family would enjoy mom's cooking while watching some random shows or drama series. My mom is used to cooking for a whole army, and she's really good at it. I reckon that that's where I got my huge appetite for good food. I was trained at such a young age.

But I guess, one thing I'll be missing the most this fasting month is baking cookies with my late sister, Kak Ima. Late at night we would be busy scurrying around in the kitchen. Kak Ima would be making delightful tasty cream cheese cookies, peanut butter and candy cookies, while I would be helping her by watching and making a mess. I was her assistant, followed her every move and in charge of burning the cookies. It has been two years and still it's hard when you remember these small things. Especially when it happened at such a special time of the year. The month that brings my family together in the spirit of good food and love for the tv. Memories.

I miss you.