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Friday, October 07, 2005


My friend in Indonesia gave me this.

It's pretty. Thanks, love.

I'll take it as a friendship band.

Yelah, takkan tak nak pakai kot?

Believe it or not, I do treasure him as a friend, that's the most important thing. I've been doing the treasuring a lot these days. Not willing to hook up, not wanting to let go. You can't just ruin your friendship just like that just because your heart just decided to change. That is so selfish and self-centered.

I've been thinking. These past few months has taught me a lot about being unselfish and taking others into consideration as well as yourself. When it comes to making decisions involving the matters of the heart, you can't ignore what hearts you break in the process. Even if its someone else's.

We don't have to proclaim undying devotion and eternal love to the person that we care about. By being there for him or her, without expecting anything in return save for his/her happiness, in theory, should be enough.

Maybe, it's just me, but I do believe that there is a difference between soul mates and true love. Hear me out.

Each and every one of us have soul mates, kindred spirits who make our lives complete by being there during the course of our lives. And one person is not entitled to only one, mind you. There is no clear quota to the number of soul mates you may have. There is also no restriction of gender. Soul mates are your friends who make you make silent remarks like "I wish I was a guy" or "If only he's a girl." Your soul mates are your friends that seem to compliment you without having to drag them to the altar or form some sort of binding union. Your soul mates are also the ones you've lost.

Look into your lives and try to remember those you really care about, who care just as much about you. Best friends, old and new. Even your exes may be your soul mates, because at one point in your life, you shared a connection that seems to fit perfectly. Regardless of how you've changed and how hearts changed, if you really look into those moments you share, and recall the unconditional love you had that was so special. You know to appreciate those good old days.

My point is, soul mates are people who help your soul grow, in other words, those non-relatives who love you not because it's by default, but because they just do, without expecting anything in return. It sort of explains why people fell in and out of love, because at one point in time, their souls reach out to one another to form a union.

So, it doesn't matter if you have a list of people you love but can never actually be with, love them as they would have loved you, maybe even more. It doesn't matter if you can't return their love in they way that they want, because you can't make everybody happy without being a sorry monkey yourself.

All in all, even if I may never find my true love, so long as I have my soul mates to love and be loved, I think I’ve got it covered.