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Sunday, October 23, 2005

That's settled.

Finished drama and debate selections, both went extremely well.

For drama, I was deemed the most gedik and overacting Rapunzel of the century, which is fine for me. It was so crazy and funny, we had a blast performing and all. But the highlight of the night was when I found out that Ali* was there. He came to watch my drama, I was so shocked I screamed.

Remember I got the pic the other day, I bought a Gibson pic with the same thickness and gave it to my friend. He keeps it in his wallet.

Debate was really scary, like I said. I haven't been reading much as of late. But the current philosophy is that if you don't know shit, just bullshit. I think I managed to do that just fine. I got selected for royals and worlds. Yup, royals too, the debate starts on the 29th so that's clear.

I've got 2 assignments to go then I'm off to devote myself to reading.

Books and debate stuff.

I saw Doom with my debate friends, Ilyas, Khairun, and Zharif, yesterday. Not bad for a movie, especially the part where the scene changes and your view is like of the game. Quite nostalgic. Don't want to spoil the movie for you by revealing stuff but, go have a watch.

Yeah, not much stuff to ramble about except for dull unimportant things.